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Not So Secret Santa by Susan Mac Nicol - Deck the Halls with Books Holiday Extravaganza

I used to work in the West End of London – the theatre district – which was an amazing experience even if it did take me two hours each day to get to work.

The West End is a magical place to experience the cosmopolitan flavour of London, and a great place for people watching. Especially if you have a yen to try and spot someone famous.

At Christmas, though, it shines brighter than ever. To get home, I walked back to the tube station about half a mile away, through the teeming streets of people, and snapped some shots of London in full Christmas regalia.

The vibe is something to be experienced, an excitement in the sir, coupled with a lot of swearing from fighting couples tired of endless shopping, and tempered with the quickfire conversation of Japanese tourists. And the men in kilts playing the bag pipes were a welcome addition too 😊

It is a city that never sleeps, like a hummingbird that flies on the periphery of your vision and catches your attention. And you fly along with it, caught up in its thrall and soak up the season in all its vibrant and sparkly majesty.

Not So Secret Santa
Men of London
Book 10
Susan Mac Nicol

Genre: Gay Romance, LGBT romance, contemporary

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Date of Publication: 6th December 2018

ISBN: 978-1-948029-42-1

Number of pages:  70
Word Count: 25 000

Cover Artist: Boroughs Publishing Group

Tagline: Leslie's feeling the season in a big way. After the Kissmas Drag Stravaganza at Club Delish, he plans to ask Oliver to marry him, but, as with all things Leslie, nothing goes quite as planned.

Book Description:

Leslie Scott couldn't keep a secret if his life depended on it...and this one's a doozy. After years of blissful co-habbing, Leslie plans to ask the love of his life, Oliver Brown, for his hand in marriage. Leslie agrees to help with the Kissmas Drag Stravaganza at his dear friend's nightclub, Club Delish, which is also the site of the impending proposal.

Every detail is planned with Swiss watch precision: enjoy the show, bring Oliver back to a private room, seduce him then pop the question. But, as with all things Leslie, his scheme goes tits up.

Never one to shy away from drama and public displays of affection, this proposal turns out to be one for the books.
Finally, the door opened to reveal a pink faced and flustered Leslie, hair suspiciously out of shape and with silver glitter on his face. He beamed at Oliver. “I’ll just get my jacket, and my man bag and be with you in a second.”
The door shut in Oliver’s face and he stared at it in disbelief.
What the hell is going on in there?
He opened the door and entered. Leslie looked up with a start and Oliver couldn't help but notice the other man bent over in the corner, covering something up with a piece of fabric. A man who had a very nice arse and when he finally stood up to face him, looked like a Latin wet dream. The man was petite and utterly gorgeous. And looked as guilty as hell.
“What’s up, sweetheart?” Oliver strode over to his boyfriend and pulled him close for a kiss. Leslie melted against him and returned the kiss with fervour. When they finally drew apart, Leslie seemed to realise someone else was in the room with them.
“Uh, honey, this is Chester. He works here with me. Chester, my boyfriend Oliver, if you hadn’t already guessed by that kiss. That very possessive kiss.” Leslie’s eyes glinted dangerously and he brushed a strand of glittered hair back from his face. Oliver didn’t care if he’d overstepped the mark. He wasn’t a jealous man, and trusted Leslie, but this situation was a little weird. If Leslie could embarrass porn stars on his behalf, Oliver could stake a claim.

About the Author:

Bringing lovers together, one book at a time

Susan writes steamy, sexy and fun contemporary romance stories, some suspenseful, some gritty and dark and others that hopefully make you think. She’s also Editor in Chief at Divine Magazine, an online LGBTQ e-zine, and one third of the deadly trio of Cover Thoughts.

Susan attained PAN status with the Romance Writers of America with her first M/M book, Stripped Bare. She’s currently a member of The Society of Authors in the UK and the Authors Guild in the US. She enjoys being a member of Queer Romance Ink, All Author, Book + Main Bites and the Paranormal Romance Guild.

She loves going to the theatre, live music concerts (especially if it’s her man crush Adam Lambert) walks in the countryside, a good G and T, lazing away afternoons reading a good book, and watching re-runs of Silent Witness.

Her chequered past includes stories like being mistaken for a prostitute in the city of Johannesburg, being chased by a rhino on a dusty Kenyan road, getting kicked out of a youth club for being a ‘bad influence’ (she encourages free thinking) and having an aunt who was once engaged to Cliff Richard

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