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Blood Awakening by Miranda Nichols

Blood Awakening
Immortal Sleepers Series
Book One
Miranda Nichols

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Torrid Books a Simon and Schuster Imprint

Date of Publication: 1.29.18

ISBN: 978-1-68299-266-1

Number of pages: 256
Word Count: 86k

Cover Artist: Kelly Martin

Book Description:

A war has been brewing in the shadows.

Kaelyn Hamblin never felt particularly extraordinary, growing up in a strong Irish household in the heart of Boston for most of her young life. Her humdrum routine remained markedly unchanged for longer than she cared to remember; until that day. The day when a beautiful stranger drifted into her hole-in-the-wall bookshop and changed her life forever.

Tyrian knew from the moment he locked eyes on her that she was the one. His one. The singular being within all of time and space that was made for him and him alone. His world was not one of niceties and pretty things; bringing her into it would be dangerous. But he would protect her. He had to. After all, it was foretold.

Worlds collide, marking the beginning of the end to an age long battle warring between the forces of darkness and light in the universe. The fate of all rests on the shoulders of a lone druid and her band of human hunters to quell the rising tide of evil threatening to overtake everything and plunge the connected realms into eternal darkness.

“A Witty and Hot fantasy like no other.” -Stephanie Hansen, Metamorphosis Literary Agency President.

Torrid Books      Amazon     iTunes     BN     Simon and Schuster

About the Author:

Miranda Nichols enjoys her too short-lived moments in Boston visiting family. That’s why her stories tend to travel there. She’s had years of professional experience perfecting detail-oriented work and it shows in her writing. A current student working towards her MFA, she’s following her lifetime calling. She's a loyal friend who's not afraid to tell it like it is. Like the smell of fresh popcorn, her fantasy romances tempt you and keep you coming back for more.

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Release Day Blitz The Last Line of a Goat Song by Jonathan Doyle

The Last Line of a Goat Song
Jonathan Doyle

Genre: Literary Fiction, Action Adventure

Publisher: Wild Thorn Publishing

Date of Publication: 01/23/2018

ISBN:  978-1948223003

Number of pages: 236
Word Count: 63000

Cover Artist: Holly Yvonne Designs

Book Description:

Having lived a life of self-imposed isolation, William suddenly finds himself on a road trip to Mexico with a woman whose life becomes intertwined with his.

Forging an unlikely friendship, they must learn to navigate the dangers and chaos of their adventure while confronting ghosts from the past.

The Last Line of a Goat Song is poetic and poignant, with characters full of longing, pain, and a desire to be seen, if not for who they are, then who they want to be. This is a riveting story of an unlikely friendship. A remarkable novel.
—Edan Lepucki best selling author of California and Girl No. 17

Amazon      BN      Kobo      iBooks      Goodreads


   “I’m leaving Monster.” Maggie said. She lit a cigarette that William didn’t know she possessed.
   William put down his journal. He looked over at her with a raised eyebrow,
   “I’m done with him.”
   She loved men like a tourist, William understood. She saw the best in them, was fascinated by their history and etymology, took tours and learned the topography, the geography. Then she left after three days, or a week, or maybe three months. She took pictures, she bought postcards, but she always left.

   “He has a problem with drugs. I deserve something more than that.”

About the Author:

Jonathan Doyle is a screenwriter and novelist based in Los Angeles with his large collection of books and his trusty DVR. A native of Phoenix AZ, Jonathan grew up in Southern California and is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Psychology, but still can’t overcome his fear of freeway overpasses. When he’s not busy working on a new novel/poem/song/screenplay, he enjoys reading Virginia Woolf, lamenting a Lakers loss, or watching Siberian tiger videos online.

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Release Day Blitz Spirit of the Sea Witch by Tara West

Spirit of the Sea Witch
Keepers of the Stones
Book Two
Tara West

Genre: YA fantasy

Publisher: Shifting Sands Publishing

Date of Publication: 1.23.18


Number of pages: Est 400.
Word Count: 100K

Cover Artist: Bob Kehl

Book Description:

Desperate to escape the wrath of the vengeful sky goddess Madhea, a group of brave young explorers flee to the sea in search of safe haven for their people while the apprentice witch Dianna steals away Madhea’s dragon to The Shifting Sands.

Though they are an ocean apart, the future of all humanity lies within their entwined fates.

Before they can defeat Madhea, they must stop the vindictive sea goddess Eris from destroying the world.

Amazon     Amazon UK    Books2Read
Sample Scene Three

            Gorpat’s eyes flew open, and she jumped to her knees. “Fire! Fire!” She pointed to the ice dwellers, then lifted Ven out of his bedroll. 
            The blue man screamed, trying to swat the giant while dangling upside-down in the air. 
            Ryne jumped to his feet and kicked Ven’s bedroll. A red stone rolled out, its color fading to pale white as it came to rest beside Ryne’s foot.
            “It is not a fire, you beast!” He pointed at the giant, his pale eyes lit with fury. “It is Ven’s warming stone.”
            Gorpat’s face fell, and she dropped Ven back on the ground. He hit the dirt with a thud, cursing as he rolled onto his side.
            Zier scratched the back of his head, sharing startled looks with his cousins. “Warming stone?”
            Ven stood and limped to Ryne’s bedroll, scooping up the stone. “I use it to chase away the chill.”
            Zier turned to Alec, an excited gleam in his eyes. “Is this stone like the one Markus used to deflect the goddess’s magic?”
            Alec nodded, finally relieved he had proof his story was not a hoax. “It’s exactly like the stone Markus used.”
            A chorus of excited whispers broke out as the dwarves jumped to their feet, heads bent and arms wildly waving.
            Zier hobbled over to Alec, patting him on the knee. “I’m sorry for doubting you, son.”
            “Why do you ask?” Ryne’s booming voice cut through the dwarves’ chatter.
            All eyes shot to Ryne, and not a sound could be heard except for Gorpat blowing her nose into her sleeve. Ryne glared at them with legs braced apart, his hand on the hilt of his blade.
            Zier rubbed his beard, eyeing Ryne for a long, tense moment. “How many do the ice people have?”
            Ryne jutted a foot forward, speaking through clenched teeth. “Again, why do you ask?”
             “I would gladly trade any of my goods for such a stone,” Zier answered.
            Ven tucked the stone back in his bedroll and went to stand beside Ryne, his youthful face transformed into a mask of hard angles. “This stone has been in my family for generations and is not for trade.”
            Zier rubbed his hands together. “I have spices, gold, weapons.” He waddled back to the campfire, lifting the shield with a groan. “Look at this fine workmanship.”
            “Again,” Ryne boomed as the other ice dwellers rose from their beds and flanked him, “this stone is not for trade.”
            “Very well.” Zier heaved an overly-dramatic sigh and lowered the shield. “But if you should change your mind—”
            “Our minds will not change.” Ryne said firmly.
            Alec’s breath caught in his throat at the murderous look in Ryne’s eyes, the same look the dwarves were reciprocating as they flanked Zier, their hands resting on the hilts of their swords. The dwarves outnumbered the ice dwellers seven to one, not to mention they had a giant on their side who could flatten them all into hotcakes.
            Brendle ran behind Des, shaking as if he’d just been pulled from an icy river. Tar stood between the dwarves and Ryne, dancing on his paws.
            “Come here, Tar!” Ryne growled.
            Tar nuzzled Grim’s hand before slinking over to Ryne, his tail between his legs.
            The dog didn’t want to see his master fight with the dwarves, and neither did Alec. He had to think of something, and fast, before their disagreement escalated.
            He stepped between the dwarves and Ryne, holding up both hands. “Why don’t we all get some sleep?” He did his best to keep his composure, despite the wild beating of his heart. “We can discuss the stone in the morning.”
            “Are you as daft as the dwarves?” Ryne pointed at Alec with an accusatory finger. “There will be no discussion.”
            “Go to bed, Ryne,” Alec spoke through a frozen smile. 
            “Do not tell me what to do.”
            Ryne was either very stubborn, very foolish, or both. Either way, Alec had had enough of his temper. Balling his hands, he channeled his dead father’s dark and violent moods as he stalked toward Ryne. “I said, go to bed!” He jutted a finger at Ryne’s bedroll, feeling the heat creep into his chest as he and Ryne locked gazes for several interminable, thudding heartbeats. 
            So enraged was Alec, he was barely aware of his own shallow breathing or of Gorpat sniveling behind them.
            “Friends no fight.” the giant cried.
            Alec couldn’t let Ryne win this battle of wills. As the dwarves’ grumbles grew louder, Alec knew their lives depended on Ryne backing down.

About the Author:

Tara West writes books about dragons, witches, and heroes while eating chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. She's willing to share her dragons, witches, and heroes. Keep your hands off her chocolate. A former high school English teacher, Tara is now a full-time writer and graphic artist. She enjoys spending time with her family, interacting with her fans, and fishing the Texas coast.


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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Dark Proposal by Megan Cashman

The Dark Proposal
The End of Eternity
Book One
Megan Cashman

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Date of Publication: September 14, 2012


Number of pages: 211
Word Count: 79,050

Cover Artist: Karri Kwaliter

Book Description:

A young woman copes with being forced to become a vampire as the man she loves reveals he is more evil than she can comprehend.

Claire McCormick has graduated from college and is eager for her childhood dreams to come true. She thought it would happen when she began dating Daniel Bertrand, who was everything she wanted in a boyfriend. But just as her dreams are about to happen, Claire’s life is turned upside down when Daniel reveals to be a bloodthirsty vampire, with the intent on making her his eternal companion. Frightened, Claire desperately tries to rid herself of him, but Daniel is too evil to defeat. She has to come to terms with reality, as she faces a vampire world fighting to survive in modern times, with many of them unaware of how devious Daniel can be.

The Dark Proposal is the first book in a trilogy that follows what becomes of Claire and the vampires.

WARNING: contains thematic elements, graphic content and some strong language

Amazon     Smashwords


There was a pregnant pause with both waiting for the other to speak or make the first move. For a second, she wondered if this was going to be the moment he would make her like him or kill her instead.
“No, Claire,” he spoke suddenly. She jumped, startled. “It’s up to you to say yes. And remember I did tell you I can read your thoughts.”
“Then please stop, because you’re freaking me out,” she said.
He arched one eyebrow, and for a moment, she feared he would attack her. But instead, he crossed one arm across his chest and put the opposite hand under his chin, as though contemplating something.
“I see you’ve accepted somewhat of what I revealed to you,” he finally said.
“A little.” She felt like she was preparing for war.
“What?” He sounded curious. “Is there something else you can’t comprehend?”
“Yeah,” she said in a shaky voice. Her eyes were downcast, and when she was ready, she lifted them to look right at him. “I did some research while in New Jersey. There’s a lot of websites about real vampires.”
“Yes?” Daniel raised his eyebrows.
Taking a deep breath, she said, “I think you killed Colin Willis.”
His face expressionless, he lowered his arms and closed his eyes, shaking his head. He ran one hand over his face as Claire continued.
“I read a blog about his murder. There are rumors going around that he had two holes on the side of his neck. There was no blood in his body.” She swallowed and asked, almost pleading, “Did you really do it? Honestly, Dan?”
Removing his hand, he looked right at her and said, “I think you know the answer to that question.”
She did, and whatever hope she had that he did not murder Willis quickly dissolved. She began to pant in horror at first, but then in anger. “I mean, you knew as everyone else that there was no evidence of foul play,” he was saying, nonchalantly watching her. “Plus, there were no suspects -”
Claire suddenly pounced on Daniel, arms flailing as she hit him in the face and chest. She was screaming about him being a murderer and how evil he was.
It didn’t last long because he soon caught her flying fists and held a tight grip on her wrists, holding them away from him. His grip was beyond solid, like a steel machine, and his eyes were hollow with rage. For a moment, she thought he was going to attack her again. No, he was going to kill her. She dared to hit him, dared to defy him and now she would pay the price.

He held her in his harsh eyes for a moment, and then shoved her hands away, practically pushing her away from him. “Honestly, who else would’ve done it?”

About the Author:

Born and raised on Staten Island, NY, Megan Cashman currently lives in Brooklyn, where she can be seen checking out the borough’s numerous coffee shops to work on her writing projects. She has a Masters’ degree in journalism, and has worked for cable news, both local and national, as well as a major New York newspaper. She is currently a freelance journalist and an adjunct professor at the City University of New York (CUNY). When she’s not writing or teaching, Megan can be seen taking nature photos with her iPhone, crocheting, doing yoga and Pilates, and trying out new dinner recipes.


Monday, January 15, 2018

The Chef and the Ghost of Bartholomew Addison Jenkins by Aletta Thorne

The Chef and the Ghost of
Bartholomew Addison Jenkins
Aletta Thorne

Genre: paranormal romance,
mainstream romance, holiday

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Date of Publication: October 26, 2017


Number of pages: 158
Word Count: 51,000

Cover Artist: Jay Aheer

Tagline: What happens if you have a one-nighter—with a ghost?

Book Description:

Autumn, 1982. MTV is new, poodle perms are the rage, and life just might be getting better for Alma Kobel.  Her ugly divorce is final at last. Her new job as chef at Bright Day School’s gorgeous old estate is actually fun.  But the place is haunted—and so is Alma’s apartment. Bartholomew Addison Jenkins’ ghost has been invisibly watching her for months. 

When he materializes one night, Alma discovers Bart—as he likes to be called—has talents she couldn’t have imagined…and a horrifying past. What happens if you have a one-nighter with a ghost?  And what happens if one night is all you want—and you end up ghosting him?  

Some spirits don’t like taking “no” for an answer.

Amazon      Evernight      BN

A ghost. Of course he was a ghost—even though before that night, she’d never felt anything spooky at her place in the almost-year she’d lived in it. Alma still had the plate with the omelet on it in one hand. Ghosts didn’t eat, did they? She held it out to him anyway.
“Go ahead and have your supper,” he said. “I don’t need food. I take it you understand why.”
Alma nodded, not sure what to say. For a ghost, the man looked rather … dashing, she decided was the world. He must have been muscular in life. There were nicely rounded biceps under that loose shirt, and they showed when he moved his arms.  His knee knickers fit tightly over a flat belly, and his stockings made his calves look like they were made out of smooth, white marble. His eyes were a startling, luminous golden brown.
“Sadly, we are still perfectly able to smell a good meal cooking.”
“We?” Alma said.
The man nodded. “Your dead,” he said, solemnly.
“My dead?” she said.
“Well, you live here, don’t you? So, I’m your dead, now.” He stopped looking so serious then and as if guys in knee knickers and white stockings were born doing it, he opened her refrigerator and pulled out the bottle of Chablis. “Here, give me your glass,” he said, and topped it off. The glow from the refrigerator’s light made him even more luminous—and just the slightest bit translucent.
“Thanks,” she said, although it was her wine. She put her plate and glass down on a little enamel-topped kitchen table she’d bought at a local church thrift shop and pulled out one of the table’s funky old chairs for herself.
“Fork? Napkin?” he said, pulling those things out of the drawers next to Alma’s stove. Alma used cloth napkins from the restaurant supplier—big white ones.
“You know where my things are,” she said, spreading the napkin across her lap.
“That shouldn’t surprise you,” he said. “Eat your omelet while it’s hot. Go ahead.”
Alma took a bite. “Um, the pepper grinder on the stove?” she said. “Could you, please?”
“My lady.” He smiled and handed it to her with a little bow.
 She ground a little pepper over her plate and took another bite and sipped her wine. He sat down across from her, put his elbows on the table, and his chin in his hands.
“I enjoy watching you eat.”
“Okay, I guess. It’s not … weird?”
 A ghost is watching me eat an omelet. “What’s your name?”
“Bartholomew Addison Jenkins,” he said. “These days, I just use Bart.”
“These days. But you’ve been here since you…”
“Since 1784,” he said.
“Which was when you died, I guess.”
“I must tell you, dear lady, saying that to one of us is considered rude. In better ghostly circles, that is. Some of us are not aware we are dead. Some of us do not like to be reminded of it.”

About the Author:

Aletta Thorne believes in ghosts.  In her non-writing life, she is a choral singer, a poet, a sometimes DJ, and a writer about things non-supernatural.  But she’s happiest in front of a glowing screen, giving voice to whoever it is that got her two cats all riled up at three AM.  Yes, her house is the oldest one on her street.  And of course, it’s quite seriously haunted (scared the ghost investigator who came to check it out).  She is named after a little girl in her family who died in the late nineteenth century, at the age of two. The Chef and the Ghost of Bartholomew Addison Jenkins is her first romance.

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Bewitching Book Tours Winter Sale

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Secret: At HL Woods by DK Davis

Secret: At HL Woods
The Secret Series
Book 2
DK Davis

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Publisher: BWL Publishing, Inc.

Date of Publication: December 15, 2017 

ISBN: 978-1-77362-990-2
ISBN: 978-1-77362-989-6
ISBN: 978-1-77362-988-9 print

Number of pages: print book - 199
Word Count: 60,200 words

Cover Artist: Michelle Lee

Tagline: A high school ghost-seer, an all-star jock, and a bully, cross paths, sparks spew, and lives change…

Series Tagline: A series of secrets, invisible yet glaring, and most include a supernatural spin, like an unwelcomed sensation sparking every nerve ending.

Book Description:

Bri, a seventeen-year-old ghost-seer, keeps her ability under wraps at the new school until a murdered couple from the 60’s asks for help.

Kyle, a high school jock, realizes the new girl lives next door; she’s crazy cute, goth-odd, and too convenient to ignore.

Max, Kyle’s best friend, only sees Bri as a wicked threat.

Luke, Bri’s gay best friend, moves in for the summer, escaping his abusive father.
Paths cross, sparks spew…will anyone remain the same after?

Books2Read     Amazon     BN     Kobo     iTunes

1st Excerpt – Beginning of story, 392 w/c (from unedited ARC copy)

“What the—? Ugh!” Air exploded out of my lungs as I face-planted in musty dirt and leaves. A little fur-ball chipmunk had scurried across my path and should be a smear on the bottom of my tennis shoe, but I’d dove over it like diving off the raft. Air wheezed back into my body on gulps of mortification.
“Holy crap. Kyle, did you see that agile ballerina move? It’s none other than the dark witch-girl, Bri Lancaster. You know, the very one that unveils morbid Goth clouds wherever she goes.”
Max. My worst nightmare. No, no, no. Don’t look. Do not raise your head. I did, coughing and sputtering dirt from my mouth. Kyle, the guy that lived next door, ran full bore toward me, while Max struck a pose, laughing. A deranged hyena came to mind. What in the heck were those two doing this far into the woods? They’d never been in this area of the forest, at least not for the past three months I’d been jogging here.
“Are you hurt?” Kyle kneeled next to me and extended a hand.
I got to my feet on my own, brushing dirt from the front of my T-shirt. “I’m fine.” I glared at Max, who was still a distance away laughing his butt off. How mature.
“Max. It’s not that funny.” Kyle unfolded himself to stand beside me. His ice-blues twinkled from the sunlight filtering through the tree branches. “Are you sure you’re all right? That was quite a tumble.”
Stop staring at him and respond. A slap on my shoulder shoved me into Kyle. I nearly knocked him to the ground. Somehow he righted both of us.
“Get a grip, Goth-girl. He’s not into you.” Max jerked me away from Kyle and completed my humiliation. “You kissing the dirt made a perfect Snap Chat expose, my evil one.” He flashed me the picture on his phone. “Today we get to enjoy black spiky hair tipped in fluorescent fuchsia. What happened to your eyebrow stud?” He blinked his eyes and grinned, most likely for effect.

As if on auto-mode, my hands curled into fists with a deep-seated urge to punch his face. My hair wasn’t spiky, just short, and how he got his phone to grab a close up of me on the ground was beyond me. I hate him.

About the Author:

DK Davis writes YA sci-fi, supernatural, and fantasy with a good dollop of all the relationships woven in between. When she’s not writing, editing, or reading, she’s hiking, RV’ing, fishing, spending time with grandchildren or her favorite muse (her husband) in Southwest Michigan.

She also writes mainstream supernatural, suspense-thriller romance as S. Peters-Davis.


BWL Publishing Inc. Author Page: http://bookswelove.net/authors/davis-dk/

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