Friday, November 2, 2012

What Kings Ate and Wizards Drank now available

For the love of all that is holy, wait until next month to buy it. If I sell too many copies this month, I lose a bet and will have to post a video of me singing on Youtube. No one wants that.
Of course, the only place you buy it right now is  Amazon (more distributors to come over the weekend and next week) Looking for info on the print books and autographed copies? Click here for details!
P. S. Seriously, I’m very grateful for everyone’s support and interest in this book. So, go ahead, buy a copy. My pride can take the hit.
P.P.S. What is this bet all about? One night, after having my second glass of wine on an empty stomach and suffering mid-book depression, I was whining to author Debora Geary that I really hoped What Kings Ate sold at least 175 copies by the first royalty payment so that I could afford to take a university course that I had to cancel due to funds.
She laughed at me (because she is a mean, horrible person) and said I’d sell more than 175 Amazon ebook copies in my first month. I laughed and said if I sold that many, I’d sing You Are My Sunshine and dedicate it to her.
Um, oops.
So after I sobered up enough to realize what I’d just done, there was no backing out of it. Also, I hadn’t realized that she was going to tell everyone she knew about this. (Did I mention how she is a mean, horrible person?) So there you have it.
175 e-copies = me singing You Are My Sunshine posted on Youtube.
Ye gods.