Monday, March 22, 2010

Golden Heart Paranormal Finalists Party

It's a party!

March 25th is the big day when writers far and wide anxiously stare at their phones and wait for “the call.”—the call that they’ve finaled in the 2010 RWA Golden Heart!

Here at Paranormalists we’re going to focus on the Paranormal category. We're getting prepped for the party a few days early, just in case those calls start coming in ahead of the deadline. We’ll be listing the finalists asap after the announcements are made.

Meanwhile, if you're one of the lucky Pararnormal Romance writers who gets a call, be sure to post your good news below. You'll be automatically included in the contests here at Paranormalists.

Best wishes and good luck!

[* indicates a member of Paranormalists]

1. Kylie Griffin, Blood-Born

2. Donnell Epperson, Glorious Misfortune

3. Katrina Snow, The Perfect Adventure

4. A.N. Conway, Something Wicked

5. *Sharon Lynn Fisher, Shadowed

6. J. Keely Thrall, Honor Bound

7. Sugenia Robin Weaver, Ancient Skills

8. Morgan Karpiel, The Divine Gate

You can post your good news and/or follow other Golden Heart/Rita celebrations on these sites:

Judi Fennell sponsors the 2010 RITA and Golden Heart finalist party--"The Third Annual Squee! Party for the Oscars of the Romance World." She's got a lot of lines waiting to be filled with lucky finalists. It should be quite a party!

The Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood, a wonderful site run collectively by the 2009 Golden Heart Finalists is also having a big Ta-Do for the 2010 Golden Heart finalist announcements. The 2009 Queens are ready to pass on their crowns....or are they? Be sure to stop by and join the fun!

SFR Brigade (Paranormalists sister community) and Spacefreighters Lounge will be watching for science fiction romance finalists.

Welcome New Members

Please welcome all the new members to Paranormalists here.

North Texas RWA Great Beginnings Placings

Hot off the press!

North Texas RWA is proud to announce the winners of the:

2010 Great Expectations Contest
Fantasy, Futuristic, Paranormal & Time Travel

Editorial Assistant, New American Library

FIRST: Hearts of Darkness by Ciara Stewart
SECOND: The Ocean Between Us by Cate Rowan
THIRD: Outer Planets by Laurie Green
THIRD: The Seduction of Phaeton Black by G. Jillian Stone

[NOTE: These placings do not count toward our upcoming contests because the contests don't kick off until the 2010 Golden Heart finalists are announced.]

Welcome SFR Brigade! (Linked Community)

The SFR Brigade [] has become Paranormalists first specialty community to link to the main site.  With a blog based on the Paranormalists format, this specialized community will focus on Science Fiction Romance to include a long list of SFR "flavors" under the Welcome message.

Like Paranormalists it's a brand new shiny blog looking for members and followers.  You can contact SFR Brigade at sfrpreview @ gmail . com [without the spaces] to join the group or become a "Follower" to be updated on their latest posts.

First "Deposit" in the Treasure Trove

Our Treasure Trove now has it's very first "deposit" toward prizes for our contest winners (to be awarded next March):

A $20 gift certificate to Amazon!

Keep watching as the Treasure Trove continues to grow. 

Upcoming Contest Announcements

We're anxiously awaiting the announcements of the RWA Golden Heart finalists in the Paranormal category to kick off our contests.  Here are two more upcoming contests that will soon announce placings and be eligible for the Paranormalists contests.  Are you entered?

Lilac City Rochester Writers RWA 1st & Ten - to announce finalists on March 31st (see note below)
Utah RWA Great Beginnings to announce finalists on April 1st

Note: Because the LCRW 1st & Ten is an open contest (no category divisions), if your manuscript with paranormal elements finals, email us at Paranormalists1 @ gmail . com [without the space] and give your pen name, title of the manuscript, and a brief description of the paranormal elements.  You'll then be eligible for the Finals and Points Standings.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trial Run: Past Contests

To show an example of how the standings system works, here are the contest placings from the Where the Magic Begins contest.  We'll include those who placed in the Finals Standings and Point Standings, too, as examples. 

This contest had two Paranrmal categories, so the finalist of both would be eligible if the contest were underway.

Where the Magic Begins Contest Placings

Dark Paranormal
1 - The Reluctant Amazon by Sandy James
2 - Vampire Vacation by C.J. Ellisson
3 - Soetha's Wife by Merry Simmons

Light Paranormal

1 - Oversea by Beatriz Chantrill Williams
2 - Hand Picked by Lisa Wells
3 - Tuesday's Child by Dale Mayer
HM - Jinn & Tonic by Kay Hudson
Congratulations to the finalists and placers!
(If these placings occured after our March 25 kick-off date, these would count toward the actual contest.  We've tallied these on the Score Sheet page.  All results will be wiped clean when the contest launches on March 25th.)

Five Reasons Why You Should Join Paranormalists

Paranormalists is intended to build a community of writers who are actively seeking publication and/or competing in contests. What are the advantages of joining this site?

1. Networking. Paranormal Romance is a specialized romance that includes such diverse subgenres as urban fantasy romance, science fiction romance, and steam punk romance (to name just a few), and most paranormal writers dabble in more than one of these areas. By joining Paranormalists you can socialize online with other like-minded writers and follow who’s winning and placing in contests, read the scuttlebutt on everything from who's requesting, buying, or actively seeking paranormal romance to who are the hottest authors, what are the best web sites or what great books are coming down the pike? When you join we'll send you an invitation to become a blog author. (Don't write Paranormal Romance but you're still interested? Become a blog follower. See 'Followers' on the sidebar.)

2. Build a Following. Your peers are your future readers. Start building name recognition and a fan base with your target audience—your peers—before your work is sold or published.

3. Help Create a Bigger Voice. Years ago the demands of Paranormal readers helped push Vampire Romance into the forefront of popularity by increasing market demand. What will be the next big thing? Is Steampunk Romance still on the way up? Maybe it’s time for Science Fiction Romance to shine? If you're a member, you can start a specialized community blog for your area(s) to be included on the Subgenre Communities sidebar.

4. Socialize with Like-Minded Writers. This is how beautiful friendships start. Don't write in a vacuum. Don't feel like the odd person odd in the group of "regular" romance writers. Come join the fun!

5. The Time is Now! The Paranormalists contests are kicking off all the time, and we'll keep you updated.

So how do you join? It's easy. Just send your email to Paranormalistblog @ gmail . com [without the spaces] and we'll send you an invitation to join the blog. There are 100 memberships available. (If you were referred by a current member, be sure to name them in your email.) That's it. You will instantly become eligible for the contests underway for the current contest year.

For more information, read the Welcome! message Brand New Shiny Blog.

Paranormalists Contest Rules

Paranormalists runs three concurrent contests. Members are eligible for prizes which will be accumulated throughout the contest year and awarded to the contest winners on or around April 1 after the close of the contests. Prizes will be listed under the Treasure Trove sidebar as they are accumulated.  The kickoff date is expected to by March 25, 2010 when the Golden Heart finalists are named. This will be a big day because Golden Heart finalists automatically qualify for two contests--Finals and Points.

By Finals

The member with the highest number of finals wins! Current rankings will be tracked in the Finals Standings sidebar. In case of a tie, a drawing will be held to determine the prize winner. If you don't see your contest final listed in a post, email  Paranormalists1 @ gmail . com [without the spaces] with a link to the announcement so we can update our list. The largest number of finals over the course of a year beginning March 25th and ending March 24th wins. Why those dates? Because that's when the Golden Heart finalists are announced which marks the start of our "contest year."

By Wins

The member with the highest number of contest wins will be declared the winner. Curent rankings will be tracked in the Win Standings sidebar. In case of a tie, a drawing will be held to determine the prize winner. If you don't see you rcontest win reported in a post, email Paranormalists1 @ gmail . com [without the spaces] with a link to the win announcement so we can update our list. The contest runs concurrently with the Finals contest--March 25th to March 24th.

By Points

The Point Contest rewards a combination of contest wins and finals and site participation. Current ranking will be tracked in the Point Standings sidebar. This contest runs concurrently with the Finals and Wins contest. In case of a tie, a drawing will be held to determine the prize winner. Points are tallied as follows:
Contest Final = 1 point
Contest Win = 2 points
Golden Heart Final = 2 points
Golden Heart Win = 4 points
Recruiting new members = 1 point per new member (member must state they were referred by you)
Paranormal book reviews posted on Paranormalists = 1 point for a review of 500 words or more
Special bonus points for specific activities may be announced at random throughout the contest year.

Brand New Shiny Blog

Welcome! Ready for a brief on the mission plan?

Mission Statement

To advance the interests of the Paranormal Romance writers and authors.

Details: Paranormalists features a trio of contests [Contest Rules], a blog and social site for Paranormal Romance writers who are participating in contests and/or published or seeking publication of their work.

Purpose: To have fun, network with like-minded writers, build your name recognition and future reader base, and socialize with other PR writers and authors.

Code of Conduct. Relax and be yourself. Check your scimitars and lightsabers at the door, put your boots up and stay awhile. Friendly chatter is encouraged. This is a 'no salute' zone.


I'm not sure I write Paranormal Romance. What's the definition? Does it have other-worldly, alternative history or futuristic characters or elements? (Science Fiction Romance, Steam Punk, Futuristic, Apocalyptic etc.) Do the characters have paws, claws, fangs or fins? (Such critters as vampires, werewolves, elves, shapeshifters, demons, mermaids or other fantasy characters). Does it have supernatural characters or those with extra-sensory abilities (ghosts, genies, psi-abilities, super heroes, etc.). If you answered yes to any of the above, it falls within the realm of Paranormalists.

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Why should I sign on? So you can network while supporting your subgenre and your peers. Get "the buzz" on industry news. Help celebrate finals, wins, sales, and career landmarks. Best of all, pre-promote your work to your target audience. Paranormal writers are loyal paranormal readers! [Five Reasons Why You Should Join Paranormalists]

Why don't you use Yahoo Groups? Although other contest groups and organizations use Yahoo Groups to conduct business, we believe the blog format is more user-friendly to creating a professional interactive network environment that can be viewed at the member's discretion without having to manage multiple emails or digests, and works more seamlessly with graphics and photos.

How do I join? It's easy! Email Paranormalists1 @ gmail . com [without the spaces] with your pen name and include your blog or website address. The link is what identifies you as a member on the standings list and helps promote you as a writer or author. If you don’t have a blog or website, we’ll simply link to Paranormalists. We track all finalists and winners regardless if they join Paranormalists or not, but only members are eligible for prizes listed under the Treasure Trove.