Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Round 3!

The cover for THE REVOLUTIONARY made it to round 3 of the Rainbow Awards Cover Contest!

If you have time to swing by and vote, the cover is listed in category 3.6 (if you don't already have a live journal account, it is easy to set up).  The poll is here.

THE REVOLUTIONARY is a m/m steampunk novella that reunites Bringer Damian Junter and Outlaw Kell Laughlin as they battle against the corrupt Eastern Aristrocracy.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Release Day!

Let me say that again . . . Happy Release Day!

My newest novel NO BRAINER has been a labor of love to say the least.  I mean, who would believe that a zombie could be sexy and be the perfect hero in an erotic romance?  I do.  And Ethan is sexy!!

Grace Jones is a government-employed zombie killer. As a member of the elite Zombie Investigative Agency, she spends her days ridding the world of lower zombies. Her nine-to-five gig is turned upside down when she's assigned to investigate the zombie mafia's Red Brain Project. One of the members of her team is an ex-lover and the other is a zombie.

Ethan Waters is a zombie. Different from the brain-sucking and savage lower zombies, Ethan lives the more sophisticated life of an upper zombie. Ethan turns out to be the perfect compassionate foil to Grace's often emotionless slayer. Together Ethan and Grace battle the zombie mafia, have hot sex, and also find love.

NO BRAINER  is available HERE from Silver Publishing!

Sexy zombies of the world unite!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rainbow Awards Cover Finalist!

THE REVOLUTIONARY, my m/m western steampunk novella, is a Rainbow Awards Cover Contest Finalist!

Please create a LiveJournal account and vote here.

After months of hiding out in the badlands, ex-Bringer Damian Junter has returned to Terra Noir to plot war with the East. The tide of public opinion is shifting against the corrupt Statesman Paulin, the man who accused Damian’s lover, Kell, of a murder he did not commit. With Kell as their leader, the Outlanders make the only move they can: revolution.

But the West isn't the only side gearing up for war. In the East, Statesman Paulin has been preparing a mechanical army of his own. When Kell sends Damian back home to spy, Damian has to fight against his own insecurities: Kell's ex-lover, Paul, is his right-hand man in this war. Damian trusts Kell with his life—but can he truly trust Kell with his heart?

Mahalo to Elisa Reviews!

THE REVOLUTIONARY is available through Dreamspinner Press here.