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With Love From London: Voyages of the Heart Volume 1

With Love From London
Voyages of the Heart
Volume 1

Cover Designer: T.E. Black Designs
Release Date: 2/14/2019

Genre: Muti-genre Romance

Publisher: Royalty Writes Enterprises

Date of Publication: February 14, 2019


Number of pages: about 460

Series Description:

Cities around the world have their own charming allure that pulls you in to enjoy all its secrets. They offer love, passion, laughter, healing and even heartbreak that each author pens for you one page at a time. Pack your luggage and join our authors on their voyages of the heart. Our first destination: London.

Book Description:

With Love From London

When the smoke clears, romance fills the pages leading you straight into the worlds created by VOTH’s authors. The sights are unknown. What will be revealed is a mystery. The only promise on this voyage of love is that we’ve sealed each story with a kiss of passion that entices you to come back for more. Bring your passport and enjoy the guided tour through London’s paved way into your hearts.


Alyssa Drake | Amy Allen | Amy Cecil | Ashlee Shades | Autumn Sand | Bella Emy | Brian Miller | Carrie Humphrey | Gianna Gabriela | Jade Royal | M.A. Foster | Maria Vickers | Natalie-Nicole Bates| Patricia D. Eddy | Rosie Chapel |
Roux Cantrell | S.E. Roberts |Tamsen Schultz

The authors of the Voyages of the Heart Anthology Series come from many romance genres which provide the readers with different experiences all in one book. Each new destination VOTH visits will provide a new and exciting list of authors!

Romance sub-genres may include Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Military Romance, Happily Ever Afters, Motorcycle Romances, and more. Each book will take you through the different seasons of the year: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn offering their own romantic flare in each city we visit. VOTH will travel to multiple destinations annually warming our hearts along the way.

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Child of Mine by Jana Richards #smalltownromance

Child of Mine
The Masonville Series
Book One
Jana Richards

Genre: contemporary small-town romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Date of Publication: February 20, 2019

ISBN: 978-1-5092-2481-4

Number of pages: 262
Word Count: 64,880

Cover Artist: Rae Monet

Tagline: Is Lauren’s love for Cole stronger than her fear of scandal in her hometown?

Book Description:

Lauren didn't intend to sleep with her brother-in-law Cole on the day of her husband's funeral. But now that she is pregnant, she's not sorry. Cole's given her a baby, a long-wished-for miracle. He's been her friend forever, though she never told him or anyone else how unhappy her marriage to his cheating brother was. And she's afraid to tell the small town that considered her husband a hero that the baby isn't his.

Cole's been in love with Lauren since he was sixteen. It kills him that everyone believes the baby is his dead brother's. All he wants is to claim the baby, and Lauren, as his own. Though she marries him, will Lauren's heart ever be his?

Lauren must tell the truth or risk losing Cole. Is her newly-discovered love for him greater than her fear of scandal in her hometown?

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The Wild Rose Press     BN     iBooks

Excerpt #3 – 585 words:

“We asked you to come here this evening because we have something we want to tell all of you. Lauren and I are getting married.”
The room went deathly quiet. Lauren tightened her grip on his hand. Her face turned pale as she stared at her family’s stunned expressions. Cole put his arm around her waist, afraid she might faint.
He needn’t have worried. She lifted her chin at a defiant angle and turned to face the others.
“Cole and I have decided this child needs the best possible start in life and that means having a mother and a father. We’ve always been friends, so what better way to start a marriage then with friendship?”
Garrett pushed himself to his feet and came forward. “I think it’s a hell of an idea. You two will make wonderful parents.”
He enfolded Lauren in an embrace. Cole heard her murmur her thanks to her brother. “I think you’ll make a wonderful uncle.”
Charlotte was next in line. She kissed Lauren’s cheek. “I’m so happy for you, sweetie. When’s the big day?”
“In a couple of weeks,” Cole said. “As soon as we can arrange everything.”
Lauren’s parents, Robert and Grace, also extended their congratulations. If they had reservations, they kept them to themselves.
Only his mother remained in her seat, staring at them in disbelief. Cole sat next to her. “What do you want to say, Ma?”
“You can’t replace Billy.” She choked out the words.
“I know that.” He’d known he was second best in her eyes all his life. “I wouldn’t even try.”
“But to marry his wife, to raise his child? It’s wrong. They don’t belong to you. You always wanted what belonged to your brother.”
He wanted to shout at her that the baby was his, that it had nothing to do with Billy. And Lauren was his, too. He’d loved her first. His brother had never appreciated what a gem he’d had in her. He’d squandered his marriage the way he’d squandered the love that had been lavished on him all his life, from his parents, from Lauren, and even from him.
Instead he pressed his lips together and said nothing. He felt a hand on his shoulder, and saw that Lauren stood beside him.
“I know this is difficult for you, Ella. I know you’re grieving. But I have to raise my child in the best way I know how. Aside from my brother and sister, Cole is my best friend in the world. He’s a good man, and I know he’ll be a wonderful father. You should be very proud of him.”
His mother stared at Lauren as if she couldn’t believe what she was saying. Her face twisted. “Don’t you miss Billy at all? Don’t you grieve for him? Nobody understands. Nobody.”
He said the word a little sharper then he’d intended, but at least it got her attention. She looked up at him in surprise.
“I’m sorry if it hurts you, but Lauren and I are getting married. We care about one another and we care about the baby. The three of us are going to be a family. I wish you could be happy for us.”
Ella dabbed at her eyes with a tissue. Finally, with a shuddering breath, she turned to look at him.
“For Billy’s baby’s sake, I’ll try.”
Billy’s baby.

The pain was swift and unexpected. If she’d stabbed him through the heart with a dagger it wouldn’t have hurt as much.

About the Author:

When Jana Richards read her first romance novel, she immediately knew two things: she had to commit the stories running through her head to paper, and they had to end with a happily ever after. She also knew she’d found what she was meant to do. Since then she’s never met a romance genre she didn’t like. She writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and historical romance set in World War Two, in lengths ranging from short story to full length novel. Just for fun, she throws in generous helpings of humor, and the occasional dash of the paranormal. Her paranormal romantic suspense “Seeing Things” was a 2008 EPPIE finalist, and in 2018 “Lies and Solace” won Best Contemporary romance in the I Heart Indie contest.

In her life away from writing, Jana is an accountant/admin assistant, a mother to two grown daughters, and a wife to her husband Warren. She enjoys golf, yoga, movies, concerts, travel and reading, not necessarily in that order. She and her husband live in Winnipeg, Canada with their Pug/Terrier cross Lou.

She loves to hear from readers and can be reached through her website at

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New Release Stanley and Hazel: The Winnowing by Jo Schaffer #HistoricalFiction

Stanley and Hazel: The Winnowing
Stanley and Hazel
Book Two
Jo Schaffer

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publisher: Month9Books

Date of Publication: February 26th, 2019

ISBN: 978-1948671385

Number of pages: 280

Cover Artist: AM Design Studios

Book Description:

Darkness descends over St. Louis, a city already rocked by the Great Depression. More and more people are disappearing, and some have turned up dead.  A sinister secret society is putting forward their plan known as “The Winnowing,” designed to wipe out those they consider “undesirable.”

After Stanley and Hazel foil the diabolical plans of Charles Chouteau, they become instant celebrities. Hazel is thrust into the role of debutante, and risks loses herself in it. Meanwhile, Stanley must deal with the horrific tragedy of his best friend’s death while being threatened by the unseen forces of the Veiled Prophet.

With things spiraling out of control, Stanley and Hazel’s relationship is tested, possibly beyond repair. As bodies pile up, people become more desperate. The divide between wealthy and poor grows ever wider, threatening to tear their worlds apart. Now, the two must find a way to work together if there is any hope at all of saving their relationship and their futures.

As the song ended, there was a slight disturbance from the far end of the room. Hazel glanced up, and her heart paused.
Stanley stood in the entrance of the conservatory, tall and suited up, a hard look on his face, one eye almost swollen shut. He was flanked by some of his Knights, looking rough and out of place in suits, smirks on their faces as they scanned the room. It was like Eliot Ness and his Untouchables about to raid.
The “good people” of St. Louis stared uneasily and made way as the boys stalked into the room. Hazel sometimes forgot what they must look like to everyone else. They were a tough looking lot, battle scarred, and imposing.
The song ended and in the pause before the next one began, Stanley took long strides across the room, toward where Hazel and Gabriel stood, still holding hands.
Stanley’s eye twitched. “Heya, Haze.” He tilted his head toward Gabriel. “If it isn't soft slugger trying to get to first base.” His jaw flexed, and he breathed in through his nose, and Hazel knew he was counting to ten.
Gabriel released Hazel’s hand and calmly replied, “Good to see you, Fields. You clean up nice.”

About the Author:

Jo Schaffer was born and raised in the California Bay Area in a huge, creative family. She is a YA novelist, speaker and a Taekwondo black belt. She’s a founding member of the nonprofit organization that created Teen Author Boot Camp, one of the nation’s biggest conferences for teens where bestselling authors present writing workshops to nearly a thousand attendees. Jo loves being involved in anything that promotes literacy and family. She is passionate about community, travel, books, music, healthy eating, classic films and martial arts. But her favorite thing is being mom to three strapping sons and a neurotic cat named Hero. They live together in the beautiful mountains of Utah.

Snapchat: jojoschaffer

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Release Day Blitz Primal Shifters Box Set by Kira Shayde #PNR #paranormalromance

Primal Shifters Box Set
Kira Shayde

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Kira Shayde

Date of Publication: February 25, 2019

ISBN: 9780999018378
ISBN: 9780999018354

Number of pages: 315
Word Count: 105,500

Cover Artist: Kira Shayde

Book Description:

Three novella-length romances in one overarching story. Equal parts romance, urban fantasy, and social/political commentary.

Available in erotic version and tame version. Tame version has no graphic sex scenes.


When Holly Ainran’s brother goes AWOL from an elite military force in Tanzania, she confronts Commander Bane Ojore, a rare melanistic lion shifter. Sparks ignite, but Holly finds a challenge in taming this brooding, hostile beast. Bane does not expect the daughter of a high-ranking parliamentary executive to be a smart, code-breaking expert adamant about abolishing the lion caste hierarchy and ending the lion-hyena conflict. Nor does he expect such a stunning lioness to fall for him. But Bane’s job is to find the traitors supplying weapons to the hyenas, and all signs point to Holly’s brother. Holly won’t give up on her brother though…or Bane. As their passion escalates, so do the risks, the danger, and ultimately, their love.


Months as a POW leaves lion shifter Fix Ainran struggling to recover, but he can’t get the curvaceous Caryn Plumar out of his mind. Yet the beautiful daughter of the hyena chairman only torments the disabled former soldier with heated trysts before pulling away. No matter how much she desires Fix’s touch, Caryn’s obligations involve more than fighting for an independent hyena state in a land ruled by lions and fraught with war. She must sacrifice any chance of happiness and freedom by marrying within the clan to ensure her safety. Unable to stay apart, Fix and Caryn defy societal rules and risk their lives as they battle enemies, search for the truth about his captivity...and fall in love.


When Alina Van der Stel agrees to spring an imprisoned lion shifter in southern Africa and hand him over to the rebels in return for information about her birth parents, she doesn’t expect the man to capture her mind as much as he does her body. Falsely accused of conspiracy, Kipper Lumbwi has no intention of allowing the icy blonde to sell him to the very traitors who landed him a stint in prison. Yet her ethereal blue eyes reflect years of sadness as a snow leopard trapped in a land of lions, and he understands her need to find her true kin. Except she’s not the only one targeting him. With a bounty-hunting hyena and the Defence Force in pursuit, Kipper and Alina agree to an alliance…one that leads to her finally experiencing the joys of desire. Can their passion earn them the trust they’ll need to survive?

Erotic Version

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Non-Erotic Version

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Excerpt from Cool Blue Desire

Hot, dry air blew under the rusted metal door, leaving the ruddy sands of the Kalahari desert in its wake. With a sigh, Kipper brushed the never-ending grit from his prison mattress and returned to flipping through the one paperback in his cell, a psychological thriller with stained pages and a missing back cover. Having memorized the dialogue, he’d taken to voicing the characters with various accents.
The screech of the window crank no longer captured his attention.
“Lumbwi,” a gruff voice called.
Kipper wearily raised his gaze to the peeling plaster on the ceiling. “What?”
“You have a visitor.”
A visitor? He tossed the book down, swung his legs to the floor, and stared at the small, barred window in the door, where little more than the guard’s beard was visible. “Who?”
“Dunno. Some babe. Says she’s your consort.” The guard guffawed. “Consort, huh? What you packing in your pants, Lumbwi?”
The door lock clicked, and the metal hinges groaned as the guard opened the door. “Conjugal visits are limited to fifteen minutes.”
Standing, Kipper blinked. “Uh, sure.”
Except he didn’t have a consort. Hell, he didn’t even have a girlfriend.
The guard accompanied Kipper across the sandy courtyard, the older man’s uneven gait causing one foot to slap the ground with every step, creating a cloud of dust.
Kipper spat dirt from his mouth. Gods, he hated southern Africa.
Every night as he struggled to fall asleep on his cot, he pictured the Serengeti plains and lush forests of Tanzania, where after five years serving as a soldier in the Defence Force, he’d found a nice apartment in the city and a job in local law enforcement. Volunteered his time working with lower-caste kids. Spent the weekends hiking near Lake Victoria.
Not a bad life for a second-caste lion shifter.
But it didn’t last. He threw it all away fighting for equality against the iron-clad rules of a Parliament run solely by first-caste lions. An admirable cause, but funneling weapons to enemy hyenas hell-bent on annihilating lions was not. Kipper simply had no idea what the lion rebels had gotten him into, and for the past six months, he’d been paying the price for his ignorance.
Scanning the prison commons, he barely had a chance to notice the pale blonde when she threw her arms around his neck.
“Oh, Kip,” she purred. “I’ve missed you.”
He stiffened. What the hell? Trying to turn his head, he found his movement blocked. She kissed his neck, her grip on him surprisingly strong for such a slender woman.
“Play along,” she said in his ear, more a demand than a request.
“Hey, doll,” he drawled after catching his breath. Her scent reminded him of jasmine flowers. “Long time no see.”
“Come with me.” She trailed a hand down his shoulder and grasped his wrist.
The guard winked. “She must be anxious!”
Kipper merely nodded, confusion peppering his thoughts, while the mysterious woman dragged him across the courtyard. “Listen, doll. Maybe you could—”
“Get down.”
She shoved him in the chest. “I said get down.”
Sequestered in a narrow inlet of the u-shaped building surrounding the commons, the woman crouched, gesturing for Kipper to follow. When he did, she slid her hand over the zipper of his pants, and his breath hitched.
“Whoa. Don’t you think we should get to know each other first?”
Her lips didn’t even twitch. She worked his zipper down, and he felt cold metal brush against his thigh. “Wait ten minutes, and then head toward the kitchen. Do not look back.”
“Why? What’s going on?”
Her large sunglasses hid her eyes. “Are you always this dense?”
His jaw clenched. “Who are you?”
She stood. “You’re needed. That’s all I can say.”
“Needed by whom?” Although he had a suspicious feeling he already knew the answer. The rebels. Screw them if they thought he’d do their dirty work again.
The blonde turned away, but he snatched her arm. “Tell me now.”
“I don’t have time.” She faced him again, and tension etched her dark red lips, a lipstick shade he felt for some reason wasn’t natural for her. No doubt part of the charade.
“Just do as you’re told,” she snapped, tugging her arm free. “Please…”
The slight quiver in her voice caught him off guard.

“Or would you rather continue to rot in this place?” Hard steel replaced the hint of vulnerability.

About the Author

As a paranormal romance author, Kira Shayde writes about animal magnetism and intrigue, where the heroes bring the heat and the heroines save the day. She explores somewhat atypical pairings and settings and can’t help adding a twinge of societal awareness to her works, but the focus is always on the developing romance, passion, and happy endings. While some of her books are erotic romances, you won’t find any hard-core BDSM. Kira prefers the hero and heroine to share the power and share the love. On a personal level, Kira is devoted to animal and ecological conservation, loves devil’s food cake, and sings when no one is around.


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Release Day Blitz Sudden Frost by Anna Giblin #YAParanormal #YA #paranormalfantasy

Sudden Frost
Vivian Frost
Book One
Anna Giblin

Genre: YA Paranormal

Date of Publication: February 22, 2019


Number of pages: 176
Word Count: 50,014

Cover Artist:

Tagline: Sometimes the scariest parts of the world reside in your mind.

Book Description:

A voice has echoed in seventeen-year-old Vivian Frost’s head for years, tormenting her at every turn. While the therapists say it’s a coping mechanism and the nuns sing a far more sinister tune, Vivian just wants to believe it out of existence. When she wakes from a nightmare in excruciating pain, she’s left with three haunting words and no way out.

Something that laid dormant inside her for years is threatening to claw itself out, and change her forever.

Will Vivian be able to rise above her limits, or will this inner darkness win?

"Of course, I don't hear the voice anymore, Dr. Wilson," I said. She sat across from me studying my expressions thoroughly, as though she's trying to find some micro-expression to tell her otherwise. When she didn't find one, she nodded slowly before smiling.
"That's wonderful to hear. Are you excited about the move tomorrow?"
No. Not really. I didn't want to deal with a whole new school in the middle of nowhere. I didn't want to travel hours to get there either. However, it wasn't my choice. It was never my choice.
I forced a smile. "Yes. This will be a nice change."
She sucked her teeth in sympathy. I hated when she did that. "I understand, dear. It will be better in a place that doesn't know." Dr. Wilson said. Actually, I hated her sometimes. I knew exactly what she was inferring. A few months ago, I had a freak-out that cost me the group I associated with. Then, rumors spread around the school that I was a freak. No one wanted to be friends with a freak.
Yes, it’s true, I am a freak, but only I can call myself one. When I call myself a freak, I know it is almost like an endearment. They, on the other hand, said it out of maliciousness and contempt. There, people didn't like weird or things they couldn't explain, and I happened to be one of those things.
"Yeah, I hope so," I said.
"How are things with your dad?" She asked, trying to change the subject to a lighter one.
Joke’s on her, it was just as heavy of a topic.
"Great," I said with another fake smile. It was not great. Technically, he’s my adoptive dad. Ben and Emma Frost adopted me when I was nine. I was so excited to be a part of a family that I ignored the signs at first. They adopted me to fill the void their stillborn created. Well, rather Emma adopted me for that reason. Ben adopted me to keep his wife happy. He never treated me like a daughter; he viewed me as a charge at most. Lately, we fight over everything. Emma brought it up to Dr. Wilson at the end of the last session, so it was an unavoidable topic in this one.
Dr. Wilson smiled softly, "That's good." She then took a sip of her steaming cup of coffee while I bit my nails. "Are you nervous?" She quickly asked.
"Kind of."
"You know I could recommend a therapist in Burlington."
No. I couldn't do this again. I couldn't pretend to be happy to a professional anymore. I couldn't handle the awkward conversations where I obviously need help but they are trying to direct the conversation to a topic my parents think is what is wrong with me rather than what is wrong with me.
"I think I'm fine now. I've been doing good off my medication, and I have not had an episode in months." I said with as much strength as I could muster. "If I feel myself getting bad again, I can always reach out."
Dr. Wilson glanced at her wristwatch and smiled. "Well then, Vivian. I am glad to have met and worked with you. Can I give you my email in case you do want to reach out for a recommendation?"
"Of course," I said. She handed me her business card, and I pocketed it. "Thank you for all your help," I uttered before walking out. In the lobby, Emma was flipping through a magazine. She didn't spot me at first, but that's typical. She was always stuck in her own head. I can tell this past month has been tough on her because her eyes had deep bags, and her frown lines were more defined. I cleared my throat, startling her.
"How'd it go, Hon?" She asked with a smile when she realized it was just me. I could read between the lines; she was asking me if it's over.
"Great. I'm ready for the move." I smiled back at her. I couldn't fake one, not for her. Emma's always so sweet to me. She made me laugh without meaning to. Sometimes I wished she is my real mother, but then I think about her husband, and I'm glad that’s not the case.
"Let's go home, you still have to make sure you pack everything. We can't come back if you forget!" She said. I didn't have a lot, but I always made sure to only keep the necessities. Just in case. I wouldn't forget anything, but I was going keep it to myself.

About the Author:

Anna Giblin is a reader, writer, and author of the new novel Sudden Frost. For years she has analyzed what it takes to construct a well-rounded story and has helped numerous authors develop and flourish their writing. While reading and helping others are two of Anna’s passions, her greatest love comes from writing, where she began to create other worlds and characters in High School. Anna lives and works in a little red house in Bridgeport, Connecticut but is a frequent ferry boat rider to visit her nephews in Long Island.