Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finale. Sweet, Sad and (almost) Sane

The main reason I've been MIA for quite some time on this blog is thanks to the worst holiday ever for a full time florist (Mother's Day)...ok, ok. The real reason just went live a few hours ago.
The last book in my Earth-based sci-fi suspense series is--finally!--out there. I feel thrilled, relieved, grateful, regretful and...somewhat empty. It's all good.

Tags and likes would be much appreciated.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hi, I'm Kenra Daniels

Yup, new kid. At the risk of sounding all fan-girly, I'm insanely excited to be here!

I write paranormal romance, erotic romance, and a little horror, as well as having ambitious plans for a YA fantasy series, paranormal historicals, and whatever else I can get by with.

Currently, I'm actively working on a paranormal romance series with weredragons and daywalking vampires as the Hero and Heroine. One is within days of being ready to submit, 3 are in various drafts, and several others are in different stages of outlining.

I'm also building an entirely new paranormal creature from the ground up, working on its evolutionary history now. It will be the foundation of a pretty extensive paranormal series. I'd love to share details with you, but until I have it ready to walk off the page, I'm keeping it under tight wraps, just to be safe.

In the future, (sooner rather than later, I hope!) I anticipate having many covers to unveil and releases to celebrate with everyone here.

And now, the house is all quiet! Time to get back to work...

Monday, May 28, 2012

June 16 is Supernatural Saturday!

Don't miss out on this fun event! On June 16, the Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop will host Supernatural Saturday at the Holly Inn in Mt. Holly Springs, PA. Don't miss your chance to attend these sessions:

11:00 a.m. - Ghosts of Gettysburg
                    Mark Nesbitt

1:00 p.m. - Werewolves, Zombies, Apparitions and The Gates of Hell
                   George Appelt, Jennifer Harlow, Larry Kerr, Cate Masters, moderated by Dennis Royer

2:00 p.m. - Mysterious Pennsylvania - Patty Wilson

3:00 p.m. - The Connection Between Shadow People, ETs and Djinn
                  Rosemary Ellen Guilley 

4:00 p.m. - Book signings

It costs only $20 per person to attend this one-day conference, which includes a buffet lunch. An incredible bargain!

For more information, contact Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop at: 717/795-7470
or email
or stop in at:
6 Clouser Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Freebie - and a new release!

Today, my m/m erotic romance novella “Napolean Guns and Burning Kisses” is FREE on amazon. Go and grab a copy and I wish you a pleasant reading!
Here are the links: Amazon US Amazon UK And also today is the release of a new m/m erotic romance novella called “Naked Temptation”. :) Blurb: When Daniel joins the monastery on the island of Andros to escape his violent family, he thinks he has found peace. Two years later, vivid sexual dreams with a gorgeous male demon test his loyalty to the strictness of monastic life and make him wonder if he’s made a huge mistake in striving for purity…
Link: Amazon US Amazon UK Happy reading to everyone. :)

Worlds Apart - released today!

My paranormal erotic romance, an MMF menage, is out today with Samhain publishing!

Love has never been so close—or seemed so far away.

I love you. Niall is in hiding, but not from the police. He’s trapped between the world he longs for and a place he can’t leave behind. Cursed to hold his tongue, unable to claim what he wants until it’s given, he’s allowed one year to capture his heart's desire. But speaking those three simple words, the most important words in his life, might very well kill him.

I can’t love you. As a private investigator, Taylor walks daily through the ashes of love burned out. He’s witnessed the aftermath of love—destroyed marriages and wrecked lives that leave behind nothing but bitter memories of betrayal. He’s convinced that love will never plant a seed in his heart—until Niall sparks a completely unexpected reaction in both mind and body.

I want to love you
. Roo has spent her entire life bouncing from relationship to relationship, offering her heart only to get it trampled on. When she finds herself out in the cold again, she discovers love can come from the most surprising of places. Her choices are simple. Do the right thing. Do the wrong thing. Do nothing. The wrong choice could be simply devastating…

Product Warnings
Beware faeries with killer tattoos and girls dressed as chickens—broken hearts can follow… Or lots of love. And lots of sex—three-way, two-way, every which way. But no chicken sex. Thank god. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New release - gay erotica

I would like to announce the release of my new gay erotic romance title "Napolean Guns and Burning Kisses".
Blurb: Taken as a child from the streets by Gaetano, a Siledian Mafia boss, Idun is now his slave and bodyguard. After a shooting gone wrong, the boss sends Idun to an exclusive resort to recover from his injuries. But Idun knows that when the boss shows kindness, he should be very afraid... Celestin works against human trafficking, after escaping the bonds of slavery early in his life. When he’s assigned the rescue of Idun, he never imagines he will fall for his charge... This is a game of cat and mouse, where nobody's who they seem. Will Idun and Celestin find trust in each other, and will they fight back to back, when the battle begins?
Purchase link on Amazon I wish happy reading to everyone and a great day!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hi, I'm Jennifer James

And yeah, I'm new here. And I'm also rather Squee! excited about it. 

The last few months have been rather crazy for me, landing my first two publishing contracts with Decadent Publishing, finding myself being asked to write guest posts on blogs, and getting to know some of the coolest people on the planet. 

Who are these super cool people? Authors. yeah, I'm a geek for words and chatting with other authors gets me completely stoked. They're my rock stars. Probably why I like to write. :)

I write pretty much every sub-genre of romance, from PNR to UF to Contemporary to Western to full bore Erotica.

My first release with Decadent is called LOVE KINECTION, it's a contemporary filled with geek references and jokes and sexual tension.

I also recently contracted with Decadent in their line The Edge, my short BDSM erotica piece called MARKED. That's about Jack and Kayla, two werewolves who are meant to be together. Kayla took off and left poor Jack for five years while she figured out what she was running away from. But she's returned to him and is ready to make the ultimate commitment. And no, I don't mean marriage. This goes deeper than that. :)

Right now I'm working actively on two pieces, one is a contemporary western with paranormal elements (ie. two ghosts who are determined to help foster some lovin' between the hero and heroine.) and a novella with a heroine who has the ability to blend into her background chameleon style and a hero who happens to be a police detective. He can see the heroine when she uses her ability. No one else can, which is good for her since it only works if she's naked. (Yep, she's gotta be au naturel)  How does he do this magic? Well, you'll have to wait and see.

So, what are you reading currently? Are the vampire/werewolf markets saturated or is there always room for one more like a Lay's potato chip? How about ghosts? Too scary/cheesy/there's nothing left in that after Paranormal Activity? 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Free Promo for Authors

Greetings! As Editor/Publisher of Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, I always offer a bit of free promo to authors published in the paranormal genres. Send me your book cover, publisher info, back cover synopsis and buy link, and I'll add your book to the "Batty Bookshelf" section of my zine. I have 16 slots for both the July and October issues, and no worries, if you don't make it into one, you'll go into the next! Feel free to visit for submission details. I accept both traditional and self-published works---ESPECIALLY self-pubbed. Thank you!


It's Tagging Tuesday

It's Tagging Tuesday on Paranormalists. Participating is easy. All you do is click on the link under the cover, click on author tags on Amazon and like. To get your book on Tagging Tuesday, please drop me an email at dlareejackson 1 (at) gmail (dot) com

Let's get tagging.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Just revamped and re-released! Love Bites is a collection of paranormal romance shorts.

Free! What could get any better than that?

These four stories are included:

Dragon Race by Barbara Elsborg
In this race between lovers, who wins and who loses?

Jacquelyn in the Box by D.L. Jackson
What would you give up for love?

Laying Claim by Cate Masters
A curse for one means salvation for both, Celia finds.

Run by Arlene Webb
A run for charity turns deadly, and two strangers learn they have a lot more to give than blood.

Get yours today from Smashwords and all affiliated sites.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Keri Stevens learns newfangled techy stuff.

I'm moving into the 21st century! Updated my facebook page today, and added links to my Amazon "store," where you can pick up Stone Kissed. It's been a great debut - Stone Kissed won "Best First Book" in the 2011 Golden Quill contest. Click here for a free taste of the book, and tweet me at @keristevens.