Sunday, August 26, 2012

Backlist Paranormal Romances now on Amazon

Three down, one to go! As many know, Aspen Mountain Press closed doors last year. I had my paranormal romances there. It took me a while to get motivated to format them, plus two were in a publisher generated series(Del Fantasma) and all those references had to go. I have three up, and am working to get the last Del Fantasma edited into the Encanto Bay series. Still, it feels great to have them out in the world again!




Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Retelling Grimm

The Twelve Dancing, Zombie-Kiling Princesses is a fast, fun read that's a futuristic take on one of my favorite Grimm fairy tales, The Twelve Dancing Princesses. If you're not familiar with this particular Grimm story, you can check it out here. But while the original version contained no zombies, I wanted to give it a modern twist.

I had thought of subbing the novella around, but after finding this image, it was too perfect to pass on.

The Twelve Dancing Zombie-Killing Princesses is available at Amazon and Smashwords.

Here's the blurb:

Meilin’s never believed in fairy tales. Happy ever afters might have happened in the old days – before zombies. But this is 2089, and the zombies beyond City are nothing like the ones your parents warned you about.
When their father promises riches to the one who can rid their city of zombies, the twelve King sisters rush to develop a solution that won’t bankrupt Dad.
The war overseas left Will disillusioned, but fighting zombies at home is a cause he can embrace. Meilin’s another. Tough but sweet, she might make him believe in life again, and maybe even love, if she doesn’t kick his ass first.
When zombies kidnap her family, Meilin must rescue them. But can she and Will save them from the worst fate of all?

What's your favorite Grimm's Fairy Tale? Are you addicted to the TV series Grimm like me?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Audio in Space!

My m/m space fantasy ONE WAY TRIP is now available as an audio!

Captain Jay Marcos is on a mission to Mars as part of an international endeavor to find a planet suitable for terraforming.
With governmental support waning, however, Captain Marcoss trip becomes one way.  Once he lands on Mars, Jay doesnt find a new home for humans.  But he finds one for himself.
On Mars, Jay meets Raem, leader of the indigenous Rahitians.  Raem welcomes Jay to his world and into his bed.  Together, they share a cosmic sexual encounter like none ever experienced between a human and an alien.  More than just hot, steamy sex  Jay and Raem find love.

It's interesting to hear your characters with voices that aren't the ones in your head!  Check it out here.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What Kings Ate - A Writer's Guide & Food Lover's Comedy

My upcoming non-fiction book, WHAT KINGS ATE AND WIZARDS DRANK, will be out November 1. I just got the cover and the back-of-the-book blurb AND table of contents all organized so wanted to let everyone know about it.

Equal parts writer’s guide, comedy, and historical cookbook, fantasy author Krista D. Ball takes readers on a journey into the depths of epic fantasy’s obsession with rabbit stew and teaches them how to catch the blasted creatures, how to move armies across enemy territories without anyone starving to death, and what a medieval pantry should look like when your heroine is seducing the hero.

Learn how long to cook a salted cow tongue, how best to serve salt fish, what a “brewis” is (hint: it isn’t beer), how an airship captain would make breakfast, how to preserve just about anything, and why those dairy maids all have ample hips.

What Kings Ate will give writers of historical and fantastical genres the tools to create new conflicts in their stories, as well as add authenticity to their worlds, all the while giving food history lovers a taste of the past with original recipes and historical notes.

WHAT KINGS ATE will be available November 1 (though we are trying very, very hard to get it out earlier due to the overwhelming interest in the project). The ebook will be available everywhere for $7.99 and print book in Canada & US for ~$17 (I'm not sure when overseas listings will go alive).

If you’d like to know when the book comes out, make sure to sign up for the update emails here:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Roar Release Day

I'm thrilled to announce Roar! is now available from The Wild Rose Press. 

     Focused on the bottom line, Linda Underwood answers to no one. Linda’s world is torn apart when a black bear shifter turns her weekend rendezvous into a desperate struggle for her life.  As a recently-turned shifter, she is determined to beat her affliction by ignoring her beastly impulses.
     After the accidental death of his wife, shifter Flynn Cromwell finds solace immersed in his work in a remote mountain cabin.  When he discovers Linda’s ravaged body near the brink of death, he’s compelled to protect her.  Can Flynn save Linda from her own stubborn nature and defend her from a vicious shifter with a taste for her blood?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Days of the Dead

Hooray, it's release day! Death Is A Bitch is a dark, but fun, paranormal novella with humorous and romantic elements.

The wonderful folks at Decadent Publishing not only are releasing it today, but as a special treat, it's only 99 cents for the next five days! Not only that, but you can pick up my other Decadent dark paranormal, Dead to Rights, for only 99 cents too!

Pretty cool, huh? I hope it will tempt you enough to try them both. :)

These special prices are only for the Kindle store! For a limited time only, get Death is A Bitch for 99 cents 

and Dead to Rights for 99 cents. How can you pass up such a bargain? :)
And now, let the happy dance commence!