Monday, May 23, 2022

Sex Magic with Samirah the Sapphic Siren Author of Siren's Desire

If you haven't yet tried sex magic, I highly recommend it. 

What if you could create the world you desired? What if the orgasm wasn't the climax, but the portal? 

What if you could bring, through that portal, what you desire into this world?

What if an orgasm isn't a destination, but a place you never have to leave? 

Who was the one that made us think an orgasm was a climax or a destination? 


As I say in my debut poetry book, Siren's Desire, My orgasm isn't your mountain to climb. Colonizers will never know the value of this earth or my body.

While this isn't a clear spell or ritual, it is a blueprint. It is an example. 

Your spell is your own. Your ritual is unique. Your desire is your compass. Your orgasm is your portal. 

Siren's Desire
Samirah the Sapphic Siren

Genre: Poetry
Date of Publication: May 2022
Number of pages: 122
Word Count: 7K
Cover Artist: Ahrabi Raj and Samirah the Sapphic Siren

Tagline: I am not something desired. I am someone who desires.

Book Description: 

How do you leverage desire as power when navigating desire comes with navigating colorism and desirability? 

Samirah the Sapphic Siren’s poetry deals with that conflict directly then transforms ser societal reality through nature and the other worldly.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Colorism, Patriarchy, Rape. Trauma is not detailed with extreme depth or explicitness, but Samirah does express raw anger and hurt after dealing with them. This is about transforming trauma into anger, and then reconnecting with personal desire. This is not trauma porn.

About the Author: 

Samirah the Sapphic Siren (se/sem/ser) is a nonblack brown skinned Tamil siren who is usually perceived as a woman. For sem, navigating desire comes with navigating colorism, patriarchy, and desirability. Ser poetry deals with that directly then transforms ser societal reality through nature and the other worldly. Se is @theSapphicSiren on instagram and sapphic_siren on twitter.

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