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Interview - The Seer by Charlie Daye #PNR #authorinterview

- If you were not a writer what would you be doing ?

I’m currently in school to become a child psychologist. My goal is to work exclusively with foster children.

- If you wrote a book about your life what would the title be?

Life in the Eyes of a Foster Child.

- What is the hardest thing about being an author?

The characters. LOL. They are demanding and pushy and if they don’t get their way the ignore you. It can make for very difficult writing.

- What is the best thing about being an author?

The fans. I’ve met so many fans over the years and even other authors. Some of them have become really good friends.

- Have you ever been star struck by meeting one of your favorite authors? If so who was it? 

Oh my Lord… I met Darynda Jones, Laura Adrian and Heather Graham all in the same day. All fabulous women. Darynda took the time to pose for a picture with my grandma, Laura gave me the last copy of one her books and a hug after we chatted for a bit and Heather and I chatted about one of her series that happens to be a favorite of mine. Best day EVER!!!

- What book changed your life?

To Kill a Mockingbird. It was required reading in school but once I started, I couldn’t stop. Such a heart wrenching story.

- What were your some of favorite books growing up?

I was a HUGE Richie Tankersley Cusick fan. I’m not sure if her books are still in publication but they were awesome YA reads.

- What books are currently in your to be read pile?

Oh! LOL…. This could be a ten-page list. I have my own personal library at home filled with books that I have read and those I bought but haven’t read yet. Some of the authors on my shelves are Dean Koontz, Ann Rice, Kim Harrison, Lisa Jackson, Darcy Coates, Simon Green… I love reading different genres. So my collection is eclectic.
- Which do you prefer ebooks, print, or audio books?

Print. Nothing like holding a book in your hand and turning the pages.

- If you could live inside the world of a book or series which world would it be and why?

Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series. I’m secretly in love with Lucan. šŸ˜‰

The Seer

Sidney Rinn Series

Book One

Charlie Daye

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: CMV
Date of Publication: 4/1/2015
ISBN: 1542960762
Number of pages: 284
Word Count: 51,877

Cover Artist: CE Black

Book Description:

My name is Sidney Rinn. Growing up in an orphanage without parents and not knowing where you come from is hard, especially when you have a gift like mine. I’m a seer. I can see the past in any location I enter.

Sometimes I see ghosts but mostly what I see is an instant replay of whatever event played out there. If it was important or traumatic to the person at the time then it’s important to me, otherwise I wouldn’t see it. No, I’m not psychic nor do I claim to be. I’m just your average girl with an above average talent.

Unfortunately, that talent had me seeing a murder I was never meant to see, which in turn, led me two of the sexiest men on the planet – Det. Denton Archer and PI Mitchell Caldwell. When Denton asked for my help on the case, I jumped in with both feet not realizing that that decision would change everything.

Now, I’m in love with both men and the killer is after me. Can my life get anymore complicated?

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We entered a conference room where a bunch of pictures had been laid out for me to inspect. At least I assumed they were for me, otherwise why else would I be here? I leaned over and started perusing the selections.
            “Can I get you anything before we get started? We have a soda machine, water or if you’d prefer I could make you a cup of what serves as coffee around here.”
            I smiled, “Tempting offer Detective but seeing as how I come from a generation that has been spoiled by Starbucks I think I’ll have to pass on your imitation coffee. I would, however, accept your offer of a non-alcoholic bubbly.”
            He smirked, “And what can I get you?
            “What are my options?”
            “We carry Coke products.”
            I held my hand over my heart with feigned disappointment “You’re killing me! I’m a total Pepsi girl!”
            He tried looking contrite. It really didn’t work for him. He was too smolderingly sexy, “I could run out and get you a Pepsi.”
            I dropped down into the closet chair and waved my hand in the air, “Nah, Coke’s fine but I think I should warn you Detective that I’m not always this easy.”          
            He walked over to the door and stopped before leaving. Looking over his shoulder, he gave me the hottest look I’ve ever seen, “I should hope not.”
My eyes rounded in shock as I watched him disappear through the door. If I wasn’t mistaken I would swear the good Detective had just flirted with me. I mean, I know I’m new at this and all but come on – that couldn’t be any more blatant unless he tattooed it across my ass.
            The question now becomes, do I flirt back or pretend it didn’t happen?
            The good Catholic girl in me says to behave and pretend it didn’t happen, I do have my sweet Larry at home after all. But, the devil on my shoulder says what’s the harm in a little casual flirting? It’s not like I’m going to go home with the good Detective and screw his brains out. Oh, decisions, decisions.
            I looked up as the man in question walked back in with soda in hand. He placed it down in front of me, “Let me know if you get hungry and we can break for some food.”
            I popped open the soda and took a sip, “Do you always entice the ladies with canned soda, take out and mug shots?” Ok, the flirting won out.
            He stared at me across the table with those dark soulful eyes, his lip twitched into a sly smile before he replied, “Always.”
            I took another sip before placing the can of soda down on the table, “You might wanna work on your strategy Detective. I’m not sure mug shots are the way to go.”
            He nodded thoughtfully and leaned back in his chair, “Got it. Mug shots are out from this point forward but what about the canned soda and take out?”
            I smiled, “Depends on the takeout.”

About the Author:

Charlie Daye began writing at the tender age of thirteen. With an obsession for romance, happy endings and the supernatural she delves into your greatest fantasies and worst nightmares. She will have you laughing, crying, falling in love and getting angry. She will always give you a HEA but getting there is the journey worth taking.

Charlie Daye was born in Lynwood, California. Her greatest passions are music and writing. Her first short story was written at the age of thirteen. At the time her entire class was asked to write a short story for Halloween as part of a homework assignment. Most of the kids in the class wrote one to two page stories... Charlie wrote eight. The short story titled The Haunted House went on to win her district wide awards and was published locally. From their she began writing poetry as means of expression.

Since her writing career began she's has published several titles... The House, The Colonial, The Reservation, The Portrait, The Gypsy's Dance, Mistaken for a Call Girl, Her Last Request and Breeders. Four of which have been nominated for the RONE Award.

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