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How to Survive Life as a Succubus - Damned When I Didn’t by Cherie Colyer #YA #PNR

Surviving Hell can be quite tricky for those who end up with a one-way ticket to the pit. And sadly, not all damned souls deserved their sentence. Take Avery and Cole, for instance. Neither were criminals or murderers. They weren’t cruel or unkind. Quite the opposite, but their souls still ended up in Hell. So it can’t hurt to have some tips for surviving an afterlife as one of Hell’s servants. 

One of the most important things to remember is don’t piss off the demons you report to. They are the ones who can make your afterlife a nightmare, and you might just find your soul tossed in the fiery river that runs through Hell, left to burn for eternity.

It may not seem like it at first but being assigned a job in Hell is a good thing. After all, you’re not one of the souls trapped in the fiery river. And being a succubus is like winning the lottery. Succubi and their male counterparts incubi live on earth. And, as long as they follow the rules and don’t draw attention to themselves, Hell leaves them alone. The task given to succubi and incubi is quite simple: mark souls for Team Lust. It only takes a long, meaningful kiss to mark a soul and keep Hell’s bosses happy.

What’s in it for a succubus? Did I mention life on earth? Blue skies, green grass, delectable lattes, scrumptious meals, and friends. All the pleasure of the living and none of the torments of Hell. It’s worth giving the new life a go.

So how do you survive life as a demon of lust, especially if you’re not the promiscuous type?

1. Choose your targets wisely. They have to be people whose souls haven’t already been marked by another sin. People who have been faithful. Otherwise, the kiss is just a kiss.
2. Mark at least thirteen souls a year. 
3. Assume Hell sees and hears all. 
4. If you suspect you’re about to do something that the bosses will disapprove of, stop what you’re doing at once.

Worth mentioning one last time… don’t piss off the boss. The punishment for disobedience will go against your very morals. It will be the thing you despise the most, and failure to comply will land you in the river of souls. Don’t believe? Ask Cole or his friend Ian.

Discover if Avery survives her fate in Damned When I Didn’t.

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Damned When I Didn’t
Cherie Colyer

Genre:  YA Paranormal Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose PRess
Date of Publication: November 18, 2020
ISBN:  978-1509233335
Number of pages:  298
Word Count: 76140
Cover Artist:  Diana Carlile

Tagline: Can an eighteen-year-old virgin fulfill her succubus duties without losing her innocence?

Book Description:

Death isn’t the end for eighteen-year-old Avery Williams, and her final resting place isn’t beyond the Golden Gates. No, the Queen of the Damned has plans for her and, unbeknownst to Avery, fought hard to gain possession of her soul. 

As Hell’s newest succubus, Avery is expected to siphon life from the living. It only takes a long, meaningful kiss, but for a virgin like Avery, kissing guys she barely knows isn’t something she’s comfortable doing. Avery focuses on the upside of her fate—she’ll be returning home, or so she thinks. 

When the Queen of the Damned cuts her off from her old life, Avery is determined to find a way back to her family and friends, even if it means facing Hell’s fury if she’s caught.

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Excerpt 2:

We got to Brookfield Zoo around ten, and even though I had forty dollars in my purse, Cole insisted on paying for the both of us. We entered through an underground tunnel that led to the main entrance. Images of ostriches and lions watched us pass as we followed the crowd to the turnstiles.

Cole handed a heavyset guy in a blue uniform our tickets and then held his hand in front of him.

“Ladies first.”

“Thanks.” I tucked my hair behind my ear and asked, “Are you sure your friends won’t mind me tagging along?”

During the drive over, I envisioned Cole’s friends as a group of unruly demons. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t asked him what to expect when he first mentioned getting out of the apartment. When I voiced my concerns to Cole, he let out a loud guffaw. A minute later, he assured me there wouldn’t be a demon in the bunch, except for us. He also told me that Luz was psyched to meet me. She was tired of being the only girl in the group.

Cole and I headed toward a large water fountain at the center of the zoo. A boy wearing a lion sun visor held his little hands up as if they were paws and roared. His sister—who was about half his size—screamed. I couldn’t help but laugh. Then I remembered Cole’s comment back at the apartment.

“Are you really a fan of leopards?” I asked.

“Snow leopards,” he corrected. “They’re smaller than other wild cats, but they’re graceful, cunning, and exceptional survivors.”

I got the feeling he related to them on a personal level. Cole had said incubi were low on Hell’s totem pole of bad asses.

“What’s your favorite animal?” he asked.

I tapped a finger to my lips. “Hmm—”

He jumped in front of me, walking backward with a bounce in his step. “Don’t tell me. I’ll guess.”

I giggled. Cole’s behavior was so human it was hard to believe he was a demon. But then again, so was I.

“You’ll never guess.”

He tipped his head to the side. “Is that a challenge?”

“Maybe,” I replied with a smile.

He slowed, avoiding bumping into a stroller even though his back was to it.

“How’d you know they were there?” I whispered, fully expecting to be told that demons had the radar-like senses of a shark.

“Reflection in your sunglasses.” He wiggled the ones he wore.

Darn on the supernatural radar, or lack thereof.

“Where were we?” he asked.

“You were about to admit there is no way you’ll guess my favorite animal.”

“You think so.” Cole smirked. “Let’s make it interesting…winner sleeps in the bed tonight, his choice if he wants to share.”

“Or hers, and just so you know, I’m not sleeping in the same bed as you.”

“You did last night.”

“I was passed out due to being drugged. It doesn’t count.”

I hadn’t given much thought to the fact that Cole and I shared everything in a one-bedroom apartment. “Does the couch pull out into a sofa bed?”

“Nope. I usually don’t have company sleep over. I discovered last night you’re a cover hog.”

Since most mornings I woke tangled in the sheet, I knew better than to argue with the latter statement. “Don’t you have girls over?”

“Definitely not. Except Luz, but she’s a friend and doesn’t stay the night.” His expression became serious. “No bringing work home. House rule.”
I didn’t plan on hooking up with anyone, so that rule was fine by me. “Deal.”

His lips curved upward into a devilish smirk. “Which one: you won’t bring strange guys home, or you’re willing to risk losing dibs on the comfy mattress?”

I began to think Lilith had purposely paired me with Cole as a way to add to my own personal Hell. He was seriously charming and—had we been human—the type of guy I went for.
But he’s not human, and the only reason you find him charming is because he’s the only person you’re still allowed to talk to.

Even Gregory Davis—the geeky brain from school with thick black glasses and a never-ending supply of sweater vests—would look appealing when you’re staring down eternity and he’s the only person you know.

I shook my head to clear my runaway thoughts and replied with confidence, “Both.”

“Be prepared to lose.” He turned and fell in stride with me. In a low voice, he said, “Luz, Nick, and Dylan are human. Hunter’s something else.”

I stopped. “What’s Hunter?”

About the Author:

Professional network technician by day, novelist by night, Cherie lives a quiet life in the Chicago suburbs with her charming husband. She has four amazing sons who she loves dearly. Cherie magically weaves together stories with a paranormal twist. She’s the author of the Embrace series (Embrace, Hold Tight, and Entwined), Challenging Destiny, Damned When I Didn’t, and Friends to the End. She waltzes into the adult novel world with this enchanting holiday romance, Merry Little Wishing Spritz.

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