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Welcome to the Paranormalist Blog where ghosts, vampires, and all strange creatures are found. 
What's in a fiction book?
Plenty! An author writes to take you into a place of thrills, chills, adventure, fun and excitement. A place to escape, to live another character’s life whether it’s in fantasy land, outer space, or today’s life.
An author reads mountains of research to give you authenticity in the details so you can learn and experience the trials and travails of the hero’s journey whether they win or lose. They endeavor to make you feel the characters pain, heartache, and yes, the joy of their triumphs.
We have vampires, cowboys, spies, romance, shape shifters, detectives, pirates and so much more. Visit the early west, the Victorian era, the wide expanse of the universe and the worlds built from our imaginations.
Who can pass up something like that? I can’t.
A whole new world is waiting just for you in a fiction book.
Today I want to tell you readers a little about my book “GYPSY BLOOD” published by BooksWeLove.
Genre: Paranormal/Romance/Thriller/Mystery. It includes quite a bit of Roma lore.
Adult Rated
The book has been out for a while now and still doing well, so I imagine readers like it. Thank you readers.
Let me tell you new readers a little about the novella.
My detective, Rita Muldova, is of pure Roma blood. Her mother, Anna, is a great seer, and Uncle
Dragus can bend spoons, but his greatest talents are playing the violin and baking. Yes, he loves to bake so much that he and Anna opened a restaurant/bakery in a quaint theme mall. He makes the best brownies in the area.
When Rita decided on a police career, Anna gave her an heirloom that had been handed down through their maternal bloodline. She gave the amulet to Rita for protection and to help with her career. Not an ordinary amulet, mind you, but a pure crystal star she wears around her neck. When Rita holds the star in her hand, she feels a warm pulse run up her arm, and she can see in a dead person’s eye the last person they had seen before they died. It also sends out pulses of warm for a safe sign and then ice cold for danger.
What a boost for her career. But now there is a serial killer staking prostitutes in her city and, to Rita’s horror, the amulet has stopped working.
Agent Matt Boulet has been trailing this killer from New Orleans to Rita’s city. The tall, dark, and dangerous looking agent leads the newly formed task force to catch this killer.
He works closely with Rita. Maybe too close with the sparks of attraction between them, and they face the dangerous waters together with all the inherent gifts of Rita’s family.
Will they win the battle ahead?
Step into my fiction book world and find out. Read Gypsy Blood.  
(Here is an excerpt for you)
Before Rita had time to get her fingers on the gun, the man had shot out of the door, yanked her forward, and somehow shoved her headfirst onto the front seat. She skidded over the vinyl bench seat, her nose and cheek hitting hard, blocking her breath for a moment. Rita yelled in surprise. The door slammed shut. She scrambled to sit upright, gagging when she inhaled the dank, moldy scent of the interior. A metal object, hanging from the roof above the mirror, clunked heavy against her head. She swallowed the acrid taste in her throat.
The driver’s door opened and the man slipped inside. One corner of her mind wondered how he could have possibly run around the front of the van so fast.   
Rita rubbed her bruised temple and twisted the door handle. It was stuck. She rammed her shoulder into the door. It didn’t budge. The window was up. Her purse with the gun lay on the sidewalk. She worked the lock button and slammed into the door again. The impact sent shock waves down her arm to her fingertips. Shit. The van was rigged. Rita looked at the serial killer, her heart banged against her ribs, her breathing short and shallow. Tapping the mic with frantic fingers, all she could do was pray.
 The man grinned.
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 For more of Lorrie’s books, check her published works page on her blog.
I love comments. Won’t you please leave one for me? And to one commenter today, I will send a free pdf copy of Gypsy Blood that you can convert. Don’t forget to leave your email address. Honest, I will pick the names from a hat.




Cellophane Queen said...

I loved this book. Rita is so tough and smart, but still has an eye for a good looking guy. When she's not dodging attacks by...well, read the book to find out.

Unknown said...

I loved this book, too, especially all the gyspy lore it contained. A really great read!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies.

I'm thrilled you liked the read. I did a lot of research for my Gypsy.
What a great people they are.

Margaret West said...

I love this story. Lorrie is such a talented author and really has the knack of drawing the reader into the story.

Unknown said...

You're making me blush, Margaret.
Thank you.

Tabitha Shay said...

I love stories about Gypsies and your book is one of my favorites. Loved your blog too. It's so true, we authors do tons of research. I usually research as the need arises because i never know what direction my stories will take...Keep up the good work, Lorrie....Tabs

Penny's Tales said...

Well, apparently everybody has read this but me. I will have to check this out with all the raving going on. It really does sound fabulous Lorrie and I love the cover!

Unknown said...

Hi Tabs,once i get immersed in research, like most of us, I don't know when to jump out and write. I love research.

Hello, Penny,
Thanks for stopping today. I know you are on a tour and it's so nice of you to take time out for me.
I hope you do check out Gypsy. She is one of my favorite characters.

Chris Karlsen said...

Hi Lorrie,
Nice excerpt, very exciting.
Chris K

J.Q. Rose said...

Looking forward to reading this book. I love your sense of humor in your writing. I enjoy the research for a book too, but then sorting out what you want to use from all the notes..oh boy..Best wishes!

Unknown said...

Hi back at you, Gail.

Hi JQ, yes, sorting it out, trying not to overload the readers, and squiggling it in so it sounds natural is a feat. Not too much, not to little. One reviewer really liked the way I handled the gypsy lore. That made me feel good.

Unknown said...

Most excellent post Lorrie! Take me away :)

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

I haven't read this yet, but I certainly intend to.

You have such a way with your stories, Lorrie, and your stamp each one with your own personal brand of humor. I love it!

This one sounds like no exception - fun, mysterious and romantic too!

There is no limit to the places a book can take you - only the limits of your own mind!

Unknown said...

Hi, B.K. I've been missing you and your wonderful blog tours. I'll be emailing you soon.

Julie, you say the nicest things. You do know I'm a fan of your books, too.

I think we all have a mutual admiration club going on. lol.

Thanks for dropping by.

gail roughton branan said...

Hey Lorrie! On my ever-growing TBR stack! That gypsy magic gets me every time!

Unknown said...

The blog time is over. Now to announce the winner. From the names in the hat, *drumroll here*

JQ Rose.

I'll get in contact with you JQ.
Thank you all for the comments.
I have another post here at a later date. A fun one about "Older people have fun, too."

Hope to see you all back again.