Saturday, December 4, 2010

Catching Up News for A Different Breed

Oh, boy! Richard, Josh and I have had a busy week. I think the boys are handling it, but my head's spinning. Just wanted to share the important stuff:

1. A Different Breed released last Sunday (11/28) at Amber Allure. It's still at the special release-week price (45% Off!) and has already been released on Kindle as well. Paperback is due out mid-December.

2. The boys and I will be participating in Tabby Blake's Nocturnal Nights - Twelve Authors of Christmas. Twelve books to one lucky winner (including a signed copy of A Different Breed!) Runs 12/6-12/13

3. We have a Trailer - woohoo! Technologically challenged me would never be able to do this alone - the wonderful (and oh so patient) Catherine Bybee does the actual production:

Trailer for A Different Breed

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Jay Di Meo said...

Hi Angel! Just wanted to say I loved your post - yep, we did cross-post, I hadn't seen this. Also wanted to say that I am heading over to buy A Different Breed right now, because I can't take the suspense of not knowing what happens with Josh and his vampire any longer - I must have read the blurb thirty times so far, and love it!

Angel Martinez said...

:) Thanks, Jay! Hope you enjoy it!

Rebecca Leigh said...

Congrats on the new release! I absolutely love that cover!!

Angel Martinez said...

Thanks, Rebecca! It's a Trace Edward Zaber cover - he's amazing!

Tara Maya said...

It's definitely a striking cover! :)

Angel Martinez said...

Thank you, Tara! I asked Trace for a sword, but wasn't more specific than requesting a Zweihander (a two-handed sword.)He forged something beautiful out of that.