Sunday, March 21, 2010

Five Reasons Why You Should Join Paranormalists

Paranormalists is intended to build a community of writers who are actively seeking publication and/or competing in contests. What are the advantages of joining this site?

1. Networking. Paranormal Romance is a specialized romance that includes such diverse subgenres as urban fantasy romance, science fiction romance, and steam punk romance (to name just a few), and most paranormal writers dabble in more than one of these areas. By joining Paranormalists you can socialize online with other like-minded writers and follow who’s winning and placing in contests, read the scuttlebutt on everything from who's requesting, buying, or actively seeking paranormal romance to who are the hottest authors, what are the best web sites or what great books are coming down the pike? When you join we'll send you an invitation to become a blog author. (Don't write Paranormal Romance but you're still interested? Become a blog follower. See 'Followers' on the sidebar.)

2. Build a Following. Your peers are your future readers. Start building name recognition and a fan base with your target audience—your peers—before your work is sold or published.

3. Help Create a Bigger Voice. Years ago the demands of Paranormal readers helped push Vampire Romance into the forefront of popularity by increasing market demand. What will be the next big thing? Is Steampunk Romance still on the way up? Maybe it’s time for Science Fiction Romance to shine? If you're a member, you can start a specialized community blog for your area(s) to be included on the Subgenre Communities sidebar.

4. Socialize with Like-Minded Writers. This is how beautiful friendships start. Don't write in a vacuum. Don't feel like the odd person odd in the group of "regular" romance writers. Come join the fun!

5. The Time is Now! The Paranormalists contests are kicking off all the time, and we'll keep you updated.

So how do you join? It's easy. Just send your email to Paranormalistblog @ gmail . com [without the spaces] and we'll send you an invitation to join the blog. There are 100 memberships available. (If you were referred by a current member, be sure to name them in your email.) That's it. You will instantly become eligible for the contests underway for the current contest year.

For more information, read the Welcome! message Brand New Shiny Blog.

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