Saturday, September 11, 2010


Werewolves are the original shifters but over the years writers have allowed other creatures to shift. Cats - big and small- being a common one. Keri Arthur has or should I say had a horse shifter with a 'stable' of mares to service him - Kade - and I always thought that would be really tricky when you switched - you'd have to make sure you had plenty of room! There was that werebull in Trueblood that was just huge though I wait to see a wereelephant.
I've read about weredingos and werefoxes etc but I think once the creature starts to get too small, it feels wrong to me. If you don't start off with an animal that has some strong physical characteristic, I can't see how the change works. Anyone read any stories with unusal shifters?


Arlene said...

You've read so many books, Barbara, I'm sure if you havent come across any wee creatures that shift, (hop demenisions yes) but shift from hummer into human and back, I'll just have to see what story I can tormet you with next.
Hey. What's his name, the shifter who owns the bar, he can change into anything on Trueblood. He weasnt just that huge bull, he became a fly a couple of times. The logic was he could take any form around him at the time of the shift.

Arlene said...
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Barbara Elsborg said...

Sam - yes he could. I like the ixdea of mulit-shifters!! I wrote a kiddies story about a shifter who could change into inanimate things - he had to learn to become a box and a chair before he could try for an animal!!!