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Maré and Monica: The Best of Both Worlds by Gianni Shamari #erotica

Maré and Monica: The Best of Both Worlds
Gianni Shamari

Genre: Erotica

Publisher: Emerging Edge Publishing

Date of Publication: May 20, 2019


Word Count: 46,630

Cover Artist: bo_mak

Book Description:

Maré and Monica are the ultimate duo when it comes to pleasuring beautiful women. Dubbed the Best of Both Worlds, their pussy conquests are not only legendary, but epic! Adult film stars, glamour models and exotic beauties cannot get enough of the "Best of Both Worlds Experience" that leaves them trembling and writhing from the hot ecstasy that overwhelmed their luscious bodies.

The King of New York and The Predator are the greatest when it comes to sex.
These 18 short stories tell the tale of this dynamic duo's greatest sexual conquests and how they bonded over the years with each venture. Illicit trysts, hot lesbian action and explicitly dirty encounters are all in this collection of champagne erotica where it feels like you're in an action-packed erotic motion picture starring "Nature Boy" Maré and Monica "The Predator" Hershel. The Best of Both Worlds!

Excerpt  1

“If I were to make your favorite dessert, what would it be?”
“Oh, shit this is a hard one because I’m a serious fat ass at heart.” Honey laughed. “Honestly, I really LOVE homemade cinnamon rolls.”
“Great.” Maré continued. “I can make those. I have a roommate. Her name is Monica, nicknamed The Predator. She looks exactly like Ruby Rose. She’s cool! Don’t worry, we never had sex and she’s not my friend with benefits. Monica is my homie!”
“That’s good to know.” Honey said.
“Her specialty is cunnilingus.” Maré hinted.
Honey blushed. “Interesting… I hope I meet her.”
In less than an hour, they entered One57, nicknamed “The Billionaire Building”, and soon walked inside the duplex penthouse. After removing their sneakers, Maré put his arms around Honey’s waist and gave her a tour of the extravagant apartment that occupied the 89th and 90th floors. The 360-degree views of Manhattan, the open living and dining rooms, eat-in chef’s kitchen with a hidden ceiling TV, and home theater really blew her away. The lifestyle of the King of New York was something a woman like her can easily get used to.
After the tour, they walked inside Maré’s master bedroom that had stunning views of Central Park. Honey was still in awe of his $100 million pad that floated above Manhattan.
“Six bedrooms, 7 baths, library and one impressive art collection that I have ever seen,” Honey continued. “You really are the epitome of living your best life, Nature Boy!”

“I’m the king of the city that’s living on top of the world. My blessings always keep me in a great mood.”
“You know what I’m in the mood for?”
“I’m in the mood to do that dream scene with you.” She said, with a nuance of huskiness in her tone. “I want you now, Nature Boy!”
“Oh, yeah.” Maré licked his lips. “The best curve on a girl is her smile.”
Smiling, Maré clutched his muscular arms around her toned sweaty waist. They locked their lips in a French kiss, fondling each other along. The mood added erotic color to the cool ambiance of bedroom.
Monica looked leggy in her teeny black shorts as she entered the duplex. Her raven black short hair was groomed in a side-parted pixie cut that framed her pretty face. As she got closer to Maré’s bedroom, she could hear the sounds that hinted what was going on inside. Monica already knew that Maré was having a go with an eye candy.
“Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to intrude!” She said, gesturing up, as soon as the bedroom door closed behind her.
“Hey, what’s up?” Maré spoke up, laughing.
“I’m good. I just came back from a walk.” Monica continued. “I like when a beautiful honey is out with her man and she mean mugging me because she thinks I want her man. Silly! Never did she know I too adore her assets!”
Maré laughed again. “You’re damn true! This is my exotic goddess, named Honey.”
After an exclamation, they both exchanged smiles and greetings. Monica was about to leave the bedroom to take a shower until Honey said, “No, please stay! You’re so cute. Erm... mind if you watch us fuck?”
“Oh, really?” Maré was at the same time surprised and excited.

About the Author:

New York native Gianni Shamari coined the term “champagne erotica”, which is fast-paced erotic stories that captures the celebration of the champagne lifestyle with hip-hop flavor. He made his publishing debut with the erotic tale, "Another Best Erotic Night Of My Life" in the 2016 The Very Best of Bare Back Magazine anthology. Gianni has been writing for Bare Back Magazine for six years.
His novellas Monica Hershel: Predator on Top and His Highness, the Philogynist impressed many readers. Gianni Shamari recently released his third erotic novella, Maré & Monica: The Best of Both Worlds, which promises to be his best novella. He is currently working on a few projects that he plans to release in late 2019 and 2020.

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The Bridge Across Times by Giuliana Sica #witchlit #PNR #magicalrealism

The Bridge Across Times
Entrainement Series
Book II
Giuliana Sica

Genre: Magical Realism, WitchLit,  PNR
Date of Publication:  May 17th, 2019

ISBN: 9781797676142

Number of pages: 244
Word Count: 63,496

Cover Artist: Enterline Design

Tagline: Join Porzia in her magic quest for a timeless soulmate.

Book Description:

Porzia's journey continues.

From the first page, Magic carries Porzia and all of us into an exotic and fantastic world. Emerging from two years of grief, her quest for a soul mate takes her to Japan where an unexpected encounter with a mysterious and fatally attractive artist unleashes an irresistible whirlwind of passion.

Music entangles them in a slow, sensuous dance. With the help of her esoteric teacher Evalena, Porzia has been honing her magic abilities. More confident and controlled, she now summons Magic at her will... with only an occasional flaring of rebellious powers.

Among scrumptious bites of delicious food and thirst-quenching sips of wine she summons a ghost from a distant past. The enigmatic message leaves her puzzled, but also determined to resolve the mystery hidden in the almond-shaped eyes of her dangerous and yet so passionate lover.

Each intriguing and intoxicating page is another luscious bite into Porzia's world and the magical possibilities that may be there for all of us.

Firenze, Italia. Galleria degli Uffizi.
The echo of the security guard’s footsteps slowly faded toward the distant museum exit.
Silence echoed along the austere arcades on the first floor. Sunset filtered through the ancient windows, the sun rays interrupted in their paths by massive walls. Golden light ricocheted and dispersed off myriads of dancing dust motes. At the end of the high-windowed Galleria, the heartbeat began to pound within the chilled white marble of Michelangelo’s Davide. Life’s essence stirred through his perfectly chiseled body until strength and heat gave him the power to move. He slipped from his pedestal and headed toward Venere in Botticelli’s room.
Davide’s shadow glided undisturbed amongst dozing masterpieces. On the upper level, beneath gilded ceilings, silence reigned.
Venere stepped out of her golden frame and leaving her seashell behind, she entered reality. The Angels’ gazes followed her progress while her ancella gently smiled and wiped a lonesome tear.
Still wet from the scented sea mist, Venere’s long auburn hair trailed, barely covering her glowing body. Desire stirred deep within her soul, conjuring rhythmic waves within her.
She met Davide on a sunset-lit windowsill. Doubts dissipated, washed away by the high tide of her will. The lovers allowed the salt-scented mist to subdue them, slowly, to unfold erotic dreams.
Please let reality be what fantasy was.
As the sun’s light faded away, she drew him in, savoring primitive rituals, riding the moist rhythm of the waves to slowly drown their thirst. With the moon silently smiling, they reached for the sky and left agony behind.
That was the night my parents gave me life.
This life.
If I were a color, I would be gold. Born under the blessing of the full moon, protected by ageless winged guardians, I played hopscotch with Giotto on checkered floors and hide-and-seek with masterpieces along marble staircases, among their golden frames and moth-dappled velvet drapes. My tiny hands pressed against rain-streaked windows while outside the river Arno swelled and found its way to the sea.
I grew up in the shadow of the Leaning tower of Pisa. And although the colors of Tuscany in August blush my skin, it is the Manouche mystery that pounds through my veins. I know the woods where Dante lost his way as the palm of my hand. I could escort you to the Inferno door blindfolded, for I have knocked on it often myself. I crossed the Mississippi River and heard Jesse James ask Huckleberry Finn if he were real.
I swam with dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico and danced with the Queen of New Orleans on a wet, humid winter night. I got drunk with Ezili in Savannah and cursed life, screaming at the moon in rage. I wandered in meadows restlessly and watched the winds with a longing I could not understand.
I challenged the Goddess, belied my powers, and regretted it all. I soared after a majestic eagle toward a sinking sun and caught up with her by Ayers Rock, where, anguished, I bowed. Subjugated at last, I embraced Magic.
Too wild, too strong to be mortal, I wove a dream with love in my heart, passion in my soul, and the breath of my life.
I have summoned the elements, conjured my yearning into a spell to be taken away across the endless sky. I have swallowed my pride and begged the gods to give me proof that life is worth the fight. Now I walk through sorrow barefoot, careful not to step on the sharp, shattered pieces of my broken dream.
Now I lay still, numb and spent, waiting.
Until rage and anger fueled my soul to rise.
I sought answers and hope in distant lands, in ancient scripture, in encrypted mysteries and timeless traditions. I sought answers within and finally understood how to accept the void of my damaged soul, how to gather strength to stir and to finally move, once again, into the beauty of life’s simplicity. 
I healed, nurturing my wounds, shedding tender skin. Reaching for the goddess within, at last, I have accepted my feminine self. Bowing to the Rising Sun I welcomed my new self and embraced Courage. Instants later, absolutely still in a Veronica, I held a crimson cape of fears, enticed a crippled wolf to charge, and defied time.

About the Author:

Giuliana was born in Siena, Italy. At the age of 4 her father gave her a box of markers. She immediately began to doodle stories on the house walls. After a few weeks of repainting, they finally gave her paper as well. She has not stopped writing since. She calls home Whidbey Island where she settled in 2001 after globetrotting teaching Italian in exotic places as far as Japan.

She holds a Classic Italian Literature and Philosophy degree with a minor in English still laced with a Chianti-infused accent. She speaks fluent Spanish, has forgotten most of her French, and holds tightly to her Japanese, mostly by eating sushi every chance she gets. She shares a yellow cottage on the island with her husband, 3 cats, an unstoppable toddler, a vegetable garden, and a fig tree named Federico. Every residual free minute of her life is spent working on Book III, and catching up on some much-needed sleep.

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Stolen Dreams by HG Lynch #YARomance #PNR #YAParanormalRomance

Stolen Dreams
Unfortunate Blood
Book Six
HG Lynch

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Vamptasy Publishing
Date of Publication: 17 May 2019

Number of pages: approx 400
Word Count: 106,000

Cover Artist: HG Lynch

Tagline: The final chance to mend their broken dreams…

Book Description:

Having left her life at Acorn Hills behind, Ember tries to pick up the pieces of her heart at home in Scotland. Reuniting with old friends, working a normal job, hiding her fangs...

But while fake smiles fill her days, nightmares plague her nights, re-opening the wounds she's tried so hard to heal.

Left behind in Acorn Hills, Reid spirals into a deep depression, becoming more and more self-destructive. Until Hiro takes pity on him and comes up with a solution to the hollowness left by Ember's absence: get her back.

With the way Ember left, Reid knows it won't be easy to win back his Firefly, but he will do it. He has to.

Otherwise, an eternity without her isn't something he could live with.

Reid was in jail. Not the first time, probably not the last. He was there mostly by choice anyway; if he’d wanted, he could have compelled the police officer who’d pulled him over for drunk driving to let him go.
He’d been driving recklessly on his motorbike, almost hoping for a crash; A few broken bones, a splintered tree, pain that could be quantified and fixed with simple medication, unlike the gaping wound where his heart used to be.
He’d thought that being in a cell would distract him, give him something else to think about other than the burning pain inside him, seeing as the drink hadn’t numbed it, but he’d been wrong. Of course he’d been wrong. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been right, felt right.
Reid sighed, staring at the dull, grey ceiling of his cell. But staring at the dirty stone ceiling of his cell was no different than staring at the white ceiling of his dorm room, except that here there was no chance of Ricky showing up to stare mournfully at him through those pitying green-blue eyes of his.
And that was another reason Reid had chosen to spend the night behind bars; He was avoiding Ricky. Avoiding everyone actually, but Ricky especially. He’d been avoiding Ricky all day, in fact. It was why he’d gone out to the bar, and spent hours in the pool before that. Why? Because Ricky knew what day it was, and he’d likely have something to say about his moping, maybe even have planned something for it, and Reid just wasn’t in the mood.
It was the 9th of May. This day last year had been awesome, the year before that even better but this year…Reid just wanted to sink into a drunken oblivion and he couldn’t even do that.
The fact that it was his birthday didn’t excite him, it just depressed him further. His eighteenth birthday. It was a big event for humans, almost even bigger for a born vampire like himself. Born vampires stopped aging at eighteen.
After today, Reid wouldn’t age another day, ever. He was stuck like this forever. He would always have the face of an angel, carefully toned muscles, and hair like golden silk that would never go grey. It wasn’t a bad way to look for the rest of eternity…it just didn’t mean anything to him anymore.

His own appearance didn’t matter when he still had images of her burned into his brain.

About the Author:

HG Lynch is a Scottish paranormal romance author who lives with her boyfriend, five adorable bunnies and Tonto the cat. Her books are dark romances with feisty heroines and smoulderingly sexy men.

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New Release- Stolen Dreams: Unfortunate Blood Book Six by HG Lynch #YAParanormalRomance

New Release

The final chance to mend their broken dreams…

Don’t miss the stunning conclusion to the Unfortunate Blood Series by HG Lynch

Book Six- Stolen Dreams on sale now

Stolen Dreams
Unfortunate Blood
Book Six
HG Lynch

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Vamptasy Publishing

Date of Publication: 17 May 2019

Number of pages: approx 400
Word Count: 106,000

Cover Artist: HG Lynch

Tagline: The final chance to mend their broken dreams…

Book Description:

Having left her life at Acorn Hills behind, Ember tries to pick up the pieces of her heart at home in Scotland. Reuniting with old friends, working a normal job, hiding her fangs...

But while fake smiles fill her days, nightmares plague her nights, re-opening the wounds she's tried so hard to heal.

Left behind in Acorn Hills, Reid spirals into a deep depression, becoming more and more self-destructive. Until Hiro takes pity on him and comes up with a solution to the hollowness left by Ember's absence: get her back.

With the way Ember left, Reid knows it won't be easy to win back his Firefly, but he will do it. He has to.

Otherwise, an eternity without her isn't something he could live with.

#HGLynch #UnfortunateBloodSeries #seriesfinale #StolenDreams #YAPNR #YAParanormalRomance

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The Ultimate Halloween Party Planner #HalloweenParty #HalloweenPartyPlanner

We just passed the half way to Halloween checkpoint, which means there is less than six months until Halloween. 

If you are considering having a Halloween party this year, now is the time to start planning it.

This handy planner will help you get organized and the plan your Boo Bash.

The Ultimate Halloween Party Planner 

by Roxanne Rhoads

Do you want to plan a Halloween party but you have no idea where to start?

Are you in the midst of planning a party but can't stay organized?

The Ultimate Halloween Party Planner is exactly what you need.

Filled with Halloween party tips and ideas, a party planning timeline and checklist, a budget sheet, a guest list chart, to do lists, monthly calendars, weekly to do lists, lined notebook pages, blank sketch pages, recipe pages, craft pages, costume planning pages, and more- this planner has everything you need to plan a Halloween party your guests will never forget.

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New Releases: The Ultimate Halloween Party Planner and 100 Halloween Writing Prompts #HalloweenParty #HalloweenPartyPlanner

The Ultimate Halloween Party Planner 

Roxanne Rhoads

Everything you need to plan the perfect Halloween party. 

Including a party planning timeline and checklist, guest list, budget chart, costume planning pages, craft idea areas, recipe pages, monthly calendars and weekly to-do lists along with plenty of lined notebook pages and blank sketch pages for brainstorming party themes, decorations, props, games, and more.

100 Halloween Writing Prompts: A Curated Selection of Halloween Images to Inspire Short Stories, Poetry, Essays and Blog Posts

Roxanne Rhoads

ISBN-10: 1093758333

ISBN-13: 978-1093758337

Cute and creepy, magical whimsy, cozy fall and colorful autumn splendor images fill this notebook with 100 Halloween writing prompts. 

Plump pumpkins, dark nights, scary skulls, wicked witches….flip through the pages and be inspired to write Halloween short stories, poetry, essays and blog posts.

This is a lined notebook with full color Halloween images

 to inspire your writing.

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Legend by Nicole Conway #dragons #YAFantasy

Dragonrider Legacy
Book 3
Nicole Conway

Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: Month9Books

Date of Publication: May 7, 2019

ISBN: 978-1948671361

Number of pages: 384

Cover Artist: Title and cover design by Danielle Doolittle
Cover illustration by Tatiana A. Makeeva

Tagline: In a war of gods and tyrants, the will of the dragonrider must never falter.

Book Description:

Captured and tortured by the brutal tyrant, Argonox, Reigh’s worst fears have now been realized. Argonox has successfully twisted his mysterious dark power for a truly evil purpose—reanimating the long-deceased legendary dragonrider, Beckah Derrick, and her monstrous king drake. But Argonox’s cruelty won’t end there, and Reigh fears the worst is yet to come. Rescue is unlikely as the Tibrans prepare to make their final strike, poised to break Maldobar’s ranks of proud dragonriders once and for all.

With many of its cities already captured by the Tibran Empire, all hope now rests with Jaevid, Princess Jenna, Phillip, and their mismatched band of dragonrider allies to lead the last stand and save their kingdom. Even in such frightful times, Jaevid may find he still has a few old friends ready to take up their weapons and stand at his side again. But facing down Beckah is perhaps the one thing that might break Jaevid’s resolve. Can he really strike down the woman he used to love in order to save the kingdom?

One final battle will decide the fate of our heroes. Can the strength dragonrider prevail once again? Or will the Tibran Empire become Maldobar’s new legacy?

“Bravery is not an immunity to fear—it is rising up to meet it with the hope that nothing is impossible.” — Sile Derrick, FLEDGLING

LEGEND is the final book in Nicole Conway’s trilogy DRAGONRIDER LEGACY, which also includes SAVAGE and HARBINGER.

Want more dragons?
Check out Nicole Conway’s bestselling quartet



Bellowing howls and thunderous booms shook the ground under me. The sound of snarls, snapping teeth against scales, and shrieks of pain seemed to come from every direction. I recognized the deep inhale and throaty hiss, followed by the roar of flames. A dragon was spitting its fiery venom so close by I could smell the acidic tinge of it lingering in the air. The low hum of something huge swooshed right over me, probably missing me by inches. A tail? Wings? Gods only knew. But I couldn’t even lift my head to see.
The brawl seemed to end as abruptly as it had begun. No more roars. No more flame. A break in the commotion with only the distant sound of the battle to fill the silence.
A soft whine and series of pops, clicks, and chirps resonated against my ear and a hot blast of musky breath blasted over my cheek. I felt it. Something huge was looming over me. But I couldn’t move or open my eyes.
A rough shove rocked my senses, rolling me over so that I flopped onto my back. More hot breaths blasted against my face. I didn’t have to see her. I knew it was Vexi. It took every ounce of strength left in my body to will my eyes open. The end of her big green nose was right in my face, smelling me and whining. She licked at my forehead, one big swipe of sticky dragon spit up the bridge of my nose all the way to my hairline.
“H-hey there,” I managed to rasp weakly.
She chirped, huge blue eyes blinking down at me with concern. Curling her scaly body around me like a protective living barrier, she laid her head on the ground right next to mine. Her ears perked toward me and nostrils puffed in deep, as though she could sense I was in bad shape.
Too late, I realized that leaving her, trying to send her away, was by far the stupidest thing I’d ever done. That’s saying something, I know. Doing stupid stuff was basically my life’s hobby. But Kiran had told me about the loyalty of dragons many times. And right after Vexi chose me, Jenna had said something about it, too. She’d said that our bond was special—that Vexi would stick by me no matter what, even in death. At the time, I hadn’t understood what that meant.

Now I did.

About the Author:

NICOLE CONWAY is an author from North Alabama. She graduated from Auburn University in 2012, and has previously worked as a graphic artist. She is happily married with one son.

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