Thursday, September 2, 2010

Invite to the Decadent Gala Ball at Delusions of Granduer

Time: All Day 09/03/10
Place: Delusion of Grandeur

Welcome to our first Decadent Gala Ball. Today, I'll be hosting the wonderful authors of my new publisher, Decadent Publishing. I thought, what a better way to get to know my new family than to throw a fabulous party and invite everyone over.

So... Each hour I'll highlight a Decadent author and their wonderful story. We'll party until the last person drops, when that'll be no one knows.

I want you to put on your most fabulous gown and fantabulous shoes, men find a fine tux (love a man in a Hugo Boss tux) and come party with us. Who knows. You might just find that story you've just been dying to read.

Also, we'll be offering a nice parting gift for the best dressed commenter. So, please make sure to tell us what you're wearing when you drop by.

What am I wearing you ask? I picked up this modest Jovani gown just for this occasion. And stole these heavenly pair of Stewart Weitzman Cinderella slippers. Had to steal cause I couldn't buy them at a cool $1.2M. I'ma have to sell a lot of books to afford those. hehehehe!

So... Laissez les bons temps rouler!


Arlene said...

Sweet. Brillant way to get to know the authors at Decadent. Hope you have alot of fun. I plan to whack the bartender on the head, drag them off and steal their place, and hear the darkest secrets as the night wears on.

Paranormal Queen said...

We shall make you our honorary bartender then. Hopefully, you can shake a mean martini. lol.

Rebecca Leigh said...

Great idea!! What every girl wants -- a ball!!

Always Abigail said...

This is sooo fantastic! I love the dress and the shoes are to die for!!!

Paranormal Queen said...

Thanks! Hope y'all all take some time to stop by. Make sure to comment for a chance at the $20 GC.