Saturday, July 3, 2010

July story for Summer Reading Trail

I stumbled upon The Summer Reading Trail and thought it was a great idea. I love for readers to discover my work!

I missed the July registration (where did June go?!) so I'm giving you the exclusive chance to check out my July read. If I could have registered, it would have gone under the general Fiction category, but it's anything but generalized fiction. You'll have to read it to understand.

So I give you Survivor Barbie! I'd love your comments if you read it.

Happy summer reading!


Arlene said...

Love it. A well paced read, this snappy little short packs a strong lesson without a hint of author lecturing.
Click on it, you won't regret it and you won't look at a certain leggy blonde the same.

Cate Masters said...

Aw thanks Arlene! It cracked me up when Mattel actually did put out that press release years ago. I was never a fan of Barbie growing up, being the tomboy I was, so this was my attempt to humanize her. :)
Thanks for checking it out!

Rebecca Leigh said...

OMG -- that is way too awesome Cate! I love it!!

Cate Masters said...

Thanks Rebecca! It was fun to write.

Paranomal Queen said...

You're awesome Cate! It was friggin hilarious and thought provoking. And to do it with Barbie (my "kids" collect Barbie).

Cate Masters said...

Thank you! My girls loved Barbie too. They might have liked Survivor Barbie better, lol.