Friday, July 23, 2010

Gypsy Crystal

Everyone has secrets.
Homicide Detective Rita Moldova has a secret, a crystal amulet from her Roma bloodline that shows her the last image a victim had seen before they died. Now, a ritual killer is terrorizing her town and the crystal’s magic has suddenly stopped.
FBI agent, Matt Boulet, is sent to lead the task force and gives the group strange orders. Worse, Rita senses he is holding back a deep dark secret about the killer.
When she confronts her seer mother’s advice, she learns another secret about their clan that she finds impossible to swallow.
Rita swims through a whirlpool of confusion as the investigation continues. Can Rita deny the lore of the ancients? Can she deny her growing feelings for Matt Boulet?
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Cate Masters said...

Love the premise of Gypsy Crystal, Lorrie! I hope you'll share your Roma research sometime too - it's fascinating.
Welcome to the Paranormalists!

Arlene said...

Yes, welcome, and what a great way to start, with what sounds like a terrific read. Roma research, oh yes, I'd like to hear more about that. Thanks for adding to my should read asap list.

Lorrie said...

Thank you ladies for having me. Yes, researching the Roma people held me entranced. What wonderful, yet frightening lore they have about thier origins. I enjoyed learning about their customs, also, some of which are included in my story.

Rebecca Leigh said...

This sounds wonderful! I love the first sentence of your tease too -- that totally got me!!