Sunday, July 18, 2010

"The Crown's Blade" coming out next week!

There are many kinds of blades – but only one will fit the sheath and save the world.

I am very excited that this short erotica story of mine "The Crown's Blade" (M/F) is coming out next week, on the 23rd July, from Whispers Publishing. This short story (less than 3K) won the Grand Prize in the "Make it Quick" contest this year.

How was this story born? Elves are often romanticized, for which I blame Tolkien a lot (and I am a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings). He painted them as wise beings, but also above carnal desires and needs.

To me, elves are animalistic creatures, like the fauns and maenads of the Greek mythology. So, with this thought in mind, I sent out a powerful woman - Elinor - to save Indigo, a male elf, from the clutches of their mutual enemy, the Shadows.

But Indigo can only be saved if his passion is unleashed. And Elinor knows exactly how to do that.

Elinor needs a weapon—one that will make enemies bleed and set her people free. But when she meets the handsome Indigo, a different type of sword catches her interest. Third time’s the charm when it comes to freeing the mysterious elf from their enemies, but there’s more to his release than meets the eye. Elinor must hurry to bring Indigo to his knees before the Shadows capture and kill them. But when she has to chose between her heart, her quest, and her life, can the Crown’s Blade save all three?

Whispers Publishing: Jay Di Meo's "The Crown's Blade"


Arlene said...

What a great story premise. I can't wait to see how you got all that into a short. Congrats!

Cate Masters said...

This does sound like a fantastic read. Congrats on your upcoming release, and on the award.
Very cool that you know the Maenads. I used them in one of my stories. They're cool and creepy at the same time. :)

Barbara Elsborg said...

Ooh congratulations!!!!!

Rebecca Leigh said...

Congrats Jay!! That is awesome :) I totally agree with Cate on the Maenads!!