Thursday, July 22, 2010

Great Review for "One Way Trip"!

My M/M space odyssey has gotten a great review from Seriously Reviewed!!

"One Way Trip is a story you can't put down."

In "One Way Trip" an astronaut ventures to Mars in search of a new home for humans and instead finds one for himself.  He also finds super hot sex (and love) in the arms of the Martian leader Raem.

To read more of the review, visit the blog:  Seriously Reviewed.

"One Way Trip" is available from Silver Publishing:  Buy Link


Arlene said...

Yes! Congrats!!!!!!

Nichelle Gregory said...

Yay, congrats, Rebecca! :)

Cate Masters said...

Very cool! Congrats! Love the premise too - very timely after the sighting! :)

Dana Fredsti said...

Excellent! Congrats, Rebecca!

Rebecca Leigh said...

Thanks everyone!! It's nice when you hear that someone likes your work -- especially after we pour so much time and emotion into them!!