Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Treasure Hunt is On!

Thanks to the hard work of our own PARANORMAL QUEEN, Miss Vivi . . . there's an awesome treasure hunt under way!

All the details for the contest are on The Romance Studio Website HERE.

Vivi and I are both participating and the first prize winner gets a kindle!

The rules are simple, you have to go to the participating authors websites to figure out the answer to a clue posted on The Romance Studio.  The Studio has a form to fill out the answers.  You have all week.

On my blog HERE, you can also comment to have a chance to win a copy of my hot m/m vampire story ROOM NUMBER TWELVE.

Please join us for this exciting contest!!


Paranormal Queen said...

Ooo... Nice cover. Cate is also participating in the hunt. It's been fun. A lot of entries. I'm participating in TRS Stay at Home Party for those of us not going to LA.

Paranormal Queen said...

Actually, we have a Paranormalist crew in the Treasure Hunt.
Jay Di Meo
Trinity Blacio
Lisa Lane

Rebecca Leigh said...

Mahalo PQ for all your hard work and letting us reap the benefits!!