Thursday, April 21, 2011

Interview Time!!!!

Thank you to all those who have been sending me comments and emails about the tour. It is great to have you join me. :)
Special Congratulations to Mysti Parker who won a print copy of Echoes and Illusions yesterday for being a part of Maniac Monday!

Don’t you just love it after you’ve ran around to have some relaxing time. I sure do! So why don’t you join me as we relax with some Practical Rationality.

Are we giving a print copy away? Oh yes we are!

But remember this is number only one more copy left after today, so make sure to drop by, and ask me questions, comments, or tell me a great joke you know ( I love those, I sadly only have 2 in my repertoire).

So join me for Giveaway Week!

There are more dates in there, so drop by my blog to see when the next stop is and what is in store!

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