Monday, April 11, 2011

Hi there Everyone!

Hi Everyone!!

I'm so excited to be your new Para-enlistee! There's so much I want to say and yet at the same time I just want to give you a hug! Okay so here goes everything about me!!

*deep breath*

I'll start with the usual background and go from there.  I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and currently live in the huge state of Texas. I'm just me, a fun-loving chica with a interesting view on life. To say I have passions is an understatement. I have torrid and passionate love affairs. I mean you need to have that in life.  My main love is my husband but my lover has been chemistry I was 10 years old. Over time those sordid affairs have increased to include coffee and chocolate. You can always tempt me with a good cup of coffee and chocolate!

By nature, I'm fascinated and in awe by everything around me. This world is just too huge not to be enthralled by it. I believe that just because we can't see it, does not mean its not out there. The concept of "you never know" is great idea, but sometimes I believe an evil grin with a mischievous idea is just as awesome, and if you have a gang of people in on that, oh that is plotting in its finest.

I am a music freeeeeak. I need my music, constantly and doesn't matter what kind. Mozart to Cirque du Soleil. Metallica to John Lee Hooker, I'm all over the board when it comes to tunes.  I play the piano and guitar (though I haven't had time to lately; school...blah) love my NY Yankees, Notre Dame updates, and Syfy by my side always.

I love checking out my hubby and ridiculously trying to find ways to pick him up. Other days a good book, reading, writing, goofiness and driving the ones I cherish and adore nuts is the essence of my life. Techno-saavy I am learning, (okay I'm techno goofy) but I will always gladly run to those that know it 20 times better.

To pinpoint the moment I started writing would be difficult but I can tell you that it started with Lois Duncun "Gift of Magic" and since then, its the paranormal, the strange, just out of normal, and the edge of possibility that fascinates me.

Out with Melange Books
My genres are Contemporary and Paranormal Romance, but I will gladly delve into other realms as soon as an idea comes up for it. Right now I'm learning my craft, and by that I mean I've been lately attending webinars, reading (more like devouring) books to make my stories solid, gripping, mind-body helluva-great-ride-super. I'm tough on myself so I usually need a partner to help me see that it is a good story.

I write from my soul capturing the emotions meant to stir the heart in endless ways. I love that part of humanity, the kaleidoscope of feelings and sensations. I love the dark and light side of romance, the beauty rising from tragedy, the magnificence of difference and the possibilities of what-if. My works ranges from modern-day love to paranormal quests to science fiction at its best. 

Out with Melange Books
I have three books out with Melange Books. Dark Pleasures features The Seventh Legend, and Strange Desires features The Watchers. Echoes and Illusions features the above as well as Smoke and Mirrors and Reel to Real for all to love an adore.

My most treasured book Prophecy of the Boar is getting a second book added, Divination, and will be released as well with Melange Books (will let you know when I know...please end of summer *fingers crossed*).

Finally are my contemporary pieces Torrid Teasers by Whiskey Creek Press. These feature the stories Smoldering Ember and Touch of Fire.

So that's me, in all my "dear me she wrote a novel" glory. I hope I get to meet each and everyone of you.  I can't wait to get to know you!!!


Arlene said...

Thank you, so much, for sharing with us. Love your passion and enthusiasm for writing, music, family. Your excitment is refreshing. I love the cover to Echoes and Illusions.

Rebecca Leigh said...

Aloha and welcome! I'm from Texas and now transplanted across the Pacific! The Dark Pleasures cover is very nice!! Thanks for joining us.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Hello there, I'm in the UK! Nice to meet a fellow weirdo - no sorry - a fellow paranormal author - no - I'll try again - a fellow author of the paranormal. That's better!!

Mila Ramos said...

Hi there all!

Barbara I must say its great to be a weirdo! Uhhh I mean.....hehehehehe. Funny enough as I'm writing this I'm watching the Outer Limits. *hangs head* I'm such a paranormal freaky deek. :)

Rebecca and Arlene, thank you SO much for the welcome. I've been checking out the blogs and such....I think all of you guys are just so great. Trust me amazing to have a group that loves the paranormal as much as I do. :)