Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Book Talk: The Space Between by Brenna Yovanoff

I'm focusing on paranormal romance this week. I learned about this author in January of 2010, when I attended a writers conference. The publisher was so excited about her first book: The Replacement. It looks like he had a right to be. It debuted on the New York Times bestsellers list. Now her second book, The Space Between has caught my eye. She spoke about it during an author tour and the cover and description is finally available. I know I'll be reading it. I like a dark, edgy read. Check out the description...

 Everything is made of steel, even the flowers. How can you love anything in a place like this?

Daphne is the half-demon, half-fallen angel daughter of Lucifer and Lilith. Life for her is an endless expanse of time, until her brother Obie is kidnapped-and Daphne realizes she may be partially responsible. Determined to find him, Daphne travels from her home in Pandemonium to the vast streets of Earth, where everything is colder and more terrifying. With the help of the human boy she believes was the last person to see her brother alive, Daphne glimpses into his dreams, discovering clues to Obie's whereabouts. As she delves deeper into her demonic powers, she must navigate the jealousies and alliances of the violent archangels who stand in her way. But she also discovers, unexpectedly, what it means to love and be human in a world where human is the hardest thing to be.

This second novel by rising star Brenna Yovanoff is a story of identity, discovery, and a troubled love between two people struggling to find their place both in our world and theirs.

If The Replacement is any indication, Brenna Yavonoff does "dark" well. I can't wait to read this, but I'll have to be patient. It doesn't release until the Fall *sigh*. So, who else out there will be joining me in plumbing the depths of this story?

The Space Between releases November 15, 2011 by Razorbill (Penguin)



Barbara Elsborg said...

OOh that sounds gooooood!!!!!!

Arlene said...

Oh yes, I'm definitey hooked. Looking forward to November. Thanks for sharing, June. I'm counting on you to remind us this fall.