Sunday, August 8, 2010

To Delete a Rule or Not. That is the Question.

Unless anyone cares otherwise, I'll lose the posting schedule. Even one or two voices speaking up, and I won't bother but if not, the guideline I think we should follow is a courtesy one.
If you see someone in drafts and scheduled to come up, or has recently posted, then slap your post up in a reasonable amount of time later.


Krista D. Ball said...

Sure! Sometimes I want to post and then I'm all confused because it's not my day...but then I forget to post on my day.


Paranomal Queen said...

I think that's a good idea.

Arlene said...

Okay. One less rule in our lives. Anyone wants a schedule back, please say something.

Cate Masters said...

Sounds good! :)

Rebecca Leigh said...

Sounds good to me, I wanted to post fang bangers on release day but didn't know if I could!

D L Jackson said...

Bin it!
It was a guideline and what are rules if we can't break them.