Saturday, August 14, 2010

Interview with my muse

This week, I had the privilege and pleasure to interview my muse in erotica fiction, author Becca Abbott, on my blog. Funny how life turns out. I first read her fanfiction stories about ten years ago, and I discovered erotica. Back then I was amazed such a thing existed, and how beautiful it was.
It was only a year and a half ago that a friend and excellent author, Marie Dees, talked about erotica on the critique group we both frequented, which prompted me to start writing erotica as well.
But Becca Abbott remains my muse. I love both her fanfiction and original stories and now she is published with the SL Publishing Group. I definitely recommend her.

Click here for the interview.

She gives the links to her webpages for fanfiction and original fiction, as well as to her published work. Have fun!


Arlene said...

I've marked this for a sure to be fun read to hop into asap. I'm off shortly to visit my son about five hours away, and, sigh, he's helping me set up softwear for banking, sales tax, blah blah, for work this weekend. But yeah, something to look forward to next week.

Rebecca Leigh said...

Great interview! That's fabulous that you are so close to your muse :)