Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Unconventional places to write

Do you find yourself writing in strange places? No, I don't mean under the covers at night with a book lite attached to a writing pad. That's probably normal for a writer.

I'm talking about places you never thought you'd find yourself writing. During boring meetings at work. In your car at the parking lot of the grocery store with the ice cream melting in the back seat. For that matter, while you're driving on the Interstate, and you know if you don't jot down the lines in your head, they'll disappear. Eek, I admit I've done that. Too often, I lose snippets of what I'm sure are pure gold (but are more likely fool's gold).

Last year, I made a discovery. The treadmill is not nearly so boring when I write. And when I step on the treadmill, the words flow. I actually wrote an entire novel on the treadmill last summer. In individual scenes which I later pieced together into a coherent manuscript. Well, first I admit, I had to decipher the scrawl that resulted from writing at a fast clip. :)

How about you? Do you have any unconventional places you find yourself writing in?


Isabel Roman said...

Yes I do write in the oddest spots! I used to get all sorts of ideas just walking down the mall and had to dig out a scrap of paper and bum a pen. I try to be a little more organized now, but somehow ORGANIZATION and CREATIVE BRAIN don't really mix.

Shopping, playing outside (there's something about being outside in warm weather that relases the creative energy), at work (don't tell the boss!), in the car most especially but I get carsick so no real writing for me. And always in the shower. I have no idea why that is but go with it.

Cate Masters said...

Yes, the shower! I forgot about that. The ideas always flow there too, and I sometimes scramble out to jot them down.

Meg said...

We have a white board right outside our shower, sort of works for writing ideas down, if its not too steamed up!

I also carry around little notebooks with me in my purse that I can whip out and write when the inspiration strikes.

Arlene said...

Driving and the shower are hot spots for me. Not always good, as I,sob,end up home with the delivery (I run a flower shop shop) still on the seat right next to me. I have to back track and then concentrate really hard not to head back into work and repeat the same sequence. I too have a notepad in my purse, beside the bed, living room and sometimes I even manage a pen so I dont have to hunt.

rebecca said...

Sounds like I need to try the shower thing!!

I write in dark rooms in the middle of the night by moonlight, at work, and mostly sitting next to my 3year old while she watches Disney movies!!

Mariposa Cruz said...

Bravo, Cate for combining writing & exercise. Though I sometimes plot while on the treadmill, I've never tried to write at the same time. No doubt I'd wind up in a jumbled heap on the floor :) I write in the car during my lunch breaks. While it isn't a corner office, I do have a lovely view of snow-capped Mt. Rose.

D L Jackson said...

All my novels were written from the front seat of my car on my lunch break. I've gotten so used to it, even if I'm home, I go out to my car to write. My husband believes I've lost it, but it's nice because I don't have interference--ya know, make me a sandwich, woman.
Whatever works--right?