Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Greetings from Cyprus

Hi everyone, meet your Greek Cypriot connection.


I am happy to be here in such good company. A big thank you to Marie Dees for inviting me. Pleased to meet you all.

I write erotic romance, mostly m/m, although I have been trying my hand at m/f, too, lately. Two erotica stories of mine have been published by Ravenous Romance, one in “Bedknobs and Beanstalks: An Anthology of m/m Fairy Tales” and the other in the anthology “I Kissed a Boy”. My short story “The Crown’s Blade” won the Grand prize of the Whispers Publishing contest “Make it Quick”. I have submitted an m/m erotica novel and two novellas with paranormal elements, waiting now to hear from the publishers, and am revising a paranormal erotica novel.
Jay Di Meo is my pen name. Cyprus is a very small and quite closed society, therefore being open about writing erotica isn’t really an option. Taking on a pen name is a decision I had to face from the moment I started writing and publishing erotica.

I am a woman, I am married, and I have returned to Cyprus after living sixteen years abroad – ever since I was eighteen. Being here, on this island, feels odd. I often feel like a stranger rather than a native. The society is traditional, religion rules, and everyone reports on your every move.

But life here also has its perks: safety, family, sunshine and warm climate for most of the year – and the sea is always near!  The many ruins littering the island give me ideas for stories, and the good food energy to write.

So, I am looking forward to spending my time here, blogging and reading and discussing all that has to do with writing and publishing.
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Have a very nice day!


Rebecca Leigh said...

Hello Jay! Welcome :) I'm a fellow RR author too - your shorts are fabulous, I hope to see your longer works published too!!

Rebecca Leigh said...
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Rebecca Leigh said...

the mistake post was a wierd double blogger did of my first post..... :)

Laura Scarlett said...

Welcome! Gladd to see you here. Look forward to your posts :)

Arlene said...

Greece sounds like quite the interesting place to lead a double life, and I look forward to getting to know you and your worlds better. I echo Rebecca. Your story in the 'kissed a boy' anthology stands out from the pack and we're lucky to have you join our group.

Jay Di Meo said...

Thank you! It's a real pleasure to be here.