Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ten Reasons to Read BLOOD AND COFFEE

1. You're a big-time horrotica fan.

2. The hidden, nocturnal commune is just too creepy to miss.

3. Penthouse Forum gave it a great review in its December 2009 issue.

4. S/he's stalking you in your dreams....

5. You like good amounts of both sex and blood with your vampires.

6. You like dark, gritty realism meshed into your fiction.

7. You're looking for a new author to read, someone who isn't afriad to push boundaries ... someone who might even push you outside your comfort zone once or twice.

8. You're way behind everyone else; its sequels, COSMIC ORGASM and TWINS OF DARKNESS, have been out for a while now, and both have received rave reviews.

9. You're trying to win the World Record for reading every vampire novel ever published.

10. You agree that vampires--even sexy ones--should be scary and dangerous.

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Rebecca Leigh said...

I'm all over Nos. 5, 9, and 10!!

Neat post, you sold me :)

Arlene said...

You sold me too. I'm really bogged down in the real world ( run a florist shop), but soon as I can I'm coming back to check out your website and adding to my reading list. Thanks for posting. I very much appreciate vamps that seem to be in character, you know, ruthless cold blooded parasites, not charming good guys.

Lisa Lane said...

Thanks for the comments. I tend to be somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to vampires. I can appreciate the trends and different tastes in the genre, but I like my vampires well immersed in horror. ;-)