Saturday, May 1, 2010

Looking for Writers to Promote

Aside from my own writing blog, I manage another online community, (Wicked Jungle) and we are looking for paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors to do guest blog posts on our site!  Recent guest post authors include, Laura Bickle, Megan Crewe, and Carolyn Crane. If you are interested please email me and we can discuss! Also, because we feature YA, we do not promote erotica on the blog. Most of the authors have books in print but we are also willing to promote ebooks too! Don't be scared off. I don't bite.

The other great thing about getting on our guest blog calendar for May...We just attended RT Booklovers Convention and have a ton of great goodies to give away, including signed copies of some books by NY Times Bestselling authors. Would love to bundle your signed SWAG or books with these other books and we will coordinate it with your post date.


Arlene said...

Melissa, I'll spread the news, this is a great opportunity along with a chance to check out some wonderful reads.

Rebecca Leigh said...

sounds wonderful, thanks for the offer!

I have a paranormal YA up my sleeve that I hope to be my next WIP. I will contact you if it gets off the ground :)