Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Radio Interview and Book Reviews

Howdy all, 

Well I've got an interesting one for you.  Several weeks ago I did a very cool interview with Desmond Haas of Romance Radio. To those that are still a bit unsure of how to do a interview, I would highly recommend to speak to this gentleman. I was a bit nervous doing the talk but I must say that I enjoyed every single minute talking with him.  It was the most hilarious, greatest and just...down right easiest interview I've ever done.  

Desmond was not only a really great guy but I absolutely loved his professionalism. My interview is listed below with little special ditties for all. 

Please enjoy!

The Romance Radio Network episode:
This is includes show notes and any buy links to my book(s).

The Romance Radio Network on Apple iTunes:

Please feel free to use the following link to download or listen to the interview (MP3 file - compatible with all portable audio devices, such as the iPod and all computers).

Google Generic Audio MP3 PlayerThe Google Audio Player has an inbuilt MP3 player, which can be embedded into most web sites. The player allows visitors to your web site to play the interview without downloading the file. This player streams the interview from Desmond's servers, so you don't have any bandwidth issues. Please note the volume controls, no Google branding and it auto-detects the duration of the interview file so readers know how long it lasts.
Book Review

Echoes and Illusions received a review from Mysti (winner from the tour)

 I'd like to thank Mysti for her honest review. She gave Echoes three stars and after taking her review, Linda Bass' and Desmond Haas reviews, I realize the stories written were enjoyed (goal achieved) just need the learning lessons are still needed to be worked on.  It made me happy honestly, and very grateful to receive and have the ability to write.  You have to start somewhere, I know. At least the somewhere is getting more and more refined as the days pass.

So the next issue I have to tackle. Find a set critique partner that will actually stick through the editing process! I will find one dang it! lol.

So to recap:

My interview with Desmond Haas is located above.

Mysti Parker as well as Linda (winner from the tour) Reviews are located on the following links.

With Mysti Parker's following links included.

And so now I'm off.....to the land of la la.


Arlene said...

Sounds like you had alot of fun!!