Friday, June 3, 2011

Annoucement: Celebration on Spacefrighters!

Nine paranormals, in no particular order.
Vamps, shifters, hybrids, angels, dragon, humans, mutated human, fey.
Every plot, every scene, strong, unpredictable and fresh.
Each character flawed, and either showing growth or dead by the end.
Every novel a page turner you can't put down, and every ending happy.

 In no particular order, eleven M/F and M/M/F romances.
And yes, every one with layered and lovely plots, and each hero and heroine unforgetable.
One of the following released today, Decadent Publishing, bringing the count to an amazing 20!

Join us. Win a novel!


Barbara Elsborg said...

Cor blimey!! That's a lot of books!!!