Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where research can lead you.

I have a character in my work in progress who memorised the first volume of a natural history encyclopedia when she was a kid. Horrible parents, no presents, hides in room and only has the one book...blah blah.

She spouts facts about animals a-e - so I needed to look up some fun things. Did I find them.

I think one of the best is the fact that the Argentine lake duck has a penis the same length as its body - 17 inches! The drake can use his penis to lasso a female!! What a thought.

Here's the link if you're as perverted as me.


Arlene said...

That's too bizzare. From a cute pic of fuzzy little duckies, to 17 inches. Oh my lord, I never know what to expect from you, Barbara, except a fantastic novel!!!

Rebecca Leigh said...

That is funny, Barbara!! The things we learn when researching for our stories :)

Rebecca Leigh said...
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Cate Masters said...

Too funny. Someone posted a pic on Facebook of a really cute baby animal, then said it had a six-headed penis to boot. Wish I could remember its name.

Jay Di Meo said...

lol! Very nice. I love your stories, Barbara - the details are amazing.