Friday, December 24, 2010

What to write after Xmas?

First of all, MERRY XMAS, Hannukah and Winter solstice!

I have been cooking for some hours now, waiting for family to come and have the Xmas Eve dinner with me and my husband, and being very Greek at times (though not always!) I decided to cook a mousaka (layers of potatoes, eggplants, zucchinis, mince meat sauce and white Bechamel sauce, topped with grated cheese)and bake homemade bread.

This got me thinking, as always, about stories. Food plays a large role in certain stories, and it can be quite erotic if handled properly (and sometimes disgusting if not, but that's quite beside the point, since bad handling can apply to just about everything...)

Got me thinking that I would love to write an erotic story involving cooking and food. One of my boys, I thought (since my stories tend to me m/m) should cook. Would he be a chef or just someone who enjoys cooking? The other might not be interested in eating before meeting with the other protagonist - and discovering new associations *g*

What do you think about erotic romance involving food? Do you think you might like a story like that? And have you read and could you recommend any such stories to me?

Enjoy your Xmas dinner!


Angel Martinez said...

Hi Jay! We'll be heading out for Christmas Eve dinner with family soon, too.

I love stories which include food - a character's food choices and how they handle food are quite telling. It's also one of the most nurturing activities for lovers to engage in.

Some m/m stories with food...let's see. L.B. Gregg's "In and Out" has a character who is writing a travel/recipe book. Andrew Grey's "Taste of Love" has a chef/restaurant owner as the hero. Josh Lanyon's stories often contain an abundance of food. ("A Vintage Affair" is more about wine, but I've never seen wine so lovingly described.)

Arlene said...

I'll chime in to say that anything you write, Jay, with whatever the characters put into their mouths, as long as you're the author is certain to be a delicious, delightful read. Happy writing in 2011.

Jay Di Meo said...

Thanks to both of you great ladies for the encouragement!
Angel, thanks also for the recommendations! I will check them out ASAP! :-)
Merry Xmas!