Friday, December 3, 2010

Great Review and Whipped Cream Contest!

This week I received an awesome review from Whipped Cream Reviews for my erotic paranormal romance novel "Have Stake, Will Travel"

Whipped Cream gave Have Stake, Will Travel 4.5 cherries 

and the reviewer said "This book is like Buffy on steroids."  

The review only gets better!! Including:  "Ms. Leigh did a great job of keeping me interested in the story.  I wanted to know how the whole thing was going to end."  To read the whole review visit Whipped Cream Reviews.

As if the wonderful review wasn't enough, I'm up for book of the week at Whipped Cream this week :)

If you'd like to vote, please visit Whipped Cream starting tomorrow (Saturday Dec. 4) and running through Sunday (Dec. 5) and choose Rebecca Leigh's Have Stake, Will Travel for Book of the Week.

To learn more about dhampir vampire hunter Orion Masters and her sexy vampire beau Julian Hunter, visit Noble Romance Publishing!


Angel Martinez said...

heehee...Buffy on steroids...I love Whipped Cream reviewers.

Rebecca Leigh said...

Yes, that is too funny -- but true also. Actually I see Orion as being much more like Faith!