Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet Lillie St. Clair

I was standing there naked when a dead man sauntered into my bathroom.

That was the first frightening thing. I knew he was dead. I'd seen him buried beneath the cold clay of the old cemetery. His gravestone was due to be delivered within the week.

He sauntered. He didn't shamble.

That was the second frightening thing, because I always thought such creatures did. Stumble and stagger, that is.

I emitted an "Eeep"--like a paralized parakeet--and skittered backward until the shelves holding soaps and pretty bottles bit into my bare behind.

"Nathan!" I gasped. I shouldn't have. His name stopped the slow, blind swing of the sleek blond head and gave the viscous brown eyes focus. On me.

He curled back his sulky lips and leered.

That was the third frightening thing...

Dark and Disorderly, by author Bernita Harris, is out today with Carina Press. For more about this intriguing novel and directions where you can go to read the first chapter or purchase the book, hop on over to Para-Fanatics, and help her kick off the release.

*Pops cork*



Lanna Kaye said...

How intriguing! I'm going check it out now.

Rebecca Leigh said...

OOOoooooo, is it zombies?? I gotta go buy just to find out!!

Cate Masters said...

What a great opener! Congrats to Bernita on her release. I'm leery of Carina after all the controversy, and am interested to follow some of the new releases. Thanks for sharing.