Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Interview with the Vampire Family--Contest!

Read the new interview with the family from The Darkness and the Night, the trilogy that takes erotic horror to a whole new level: vampire Karen; her blood donor, Jason; and her YA twin daughter and son phenomena, Anna and Andy.

Learn more about this bizarre, modern-day-Munsters-like family, the motley group that is as touching as it is disturbingly creepy. Then, leave your own questions for the crew for a chance to win one of two electronic copies of The Darkness and the Night III: Twins of Darkness. See you there!

"Ms. Lane has managed to entice, entrap, and thrill us with her latest installment in the Darkness and Night series, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly." –Bitten by Books (5 "tombstones")

"As I’ve already said, the plot is superb, and when such a plot comes along, I always marvel at the human imagination and what it can produce." –Cerebral Reviews (4 "brainys")

“The author’s style makes for effortless reading; Lane’s novel is interesting, variable and complicated without the heaviness often associated with stories of substance, and she balances her many characters and plot lines like a master.” –The Deepening


Rebecca Leigh said...

I love the idea of interviewing your characters :) As we all know, they do turn into real people - at least to us! Good luck, I hope you get a lot of response to this!!