Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hope Ocean

Hope Ocean is a mystical, magical, slightly occult anthology, themed around the ocean. This small collection, by a wide variety of writers, was put together in just 7 days. Their aim was to raise money and awareness to aid wildlife charities dealing with the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. 

Contributors: Jo Lynne Valerie, Lidia Tremblay, Gareth Dawson, Melody Dempsey, Mary Muhammad, Kiki Howell, Lily Oak, Theresa C. Newbill, Helen Minto, Ami Blackwelder, Rob Bond, Samantha Lee, Chazz Upton 

Cover Art: Rob Bond 
Compiled By Hedge Witchery Books 

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Cate Masters said...

Such a wonderful idea. Wishing much success for this anthology, and for the Gulf Coast. The photos of the wildlife are tragic.

Rebecca Leigh said...

I love the ocean and am from Texas, so this is really great! Good luck and I hope you get a chance to really help out!!