Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Any suckers or shifters want to mess with this?

BLOGMANIA is a twice-yearly blogging event. Sept 15-16th. They promote it as the Best Blog Event on the Web and want: Awesome Giveaways, Quick Entries, Rapid Prize Distribution, and Power-House Promotion.
The list of requirements is long, but the main deal is that each blog needs a special giveaway that has a minimum retail value of $100.00, and a theme for their giveaway.

Application, including theme, must be in before June 30th, and submission doesn’t guarantee acceptance.

They have the following clause:
NOTICE: Blogs with adult content, such as erotic literature, sex oriented themes; alternative life-style orientation, etc. are not acceptable content for blogmania registration. The primary reason is that we are marketing this event across the web without age restrictions or content warnings. If your blog or giveaway warrants an adult warning label, we cannot accept it into our blogmania program.

Our posts are g-rated, and I assume the links to author’s works aren’t a deal because they aren’t the hosting blog sites.

Family and work has slammed me hard these past 2-3 weeks, sorry for not posting about this sooner. We’d certainly pull in more followers, but unless interest is strong....
Ideas for themes, giveaways and offers to help get it together?
Gift certificates to e-publishers? The theme to promote reading ebooks?

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