Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hello, Paranormalists. As stated over on the SFR Brigade, the assigned posting days only applies to content posts (articles, personal commentary, writing craft,etc.) It doesn't apply to anything timely, such as book releases, giveaways, special events or anything to do with paranormal business. You're free to post those at any time. If there’s something exciting in your life, remember that rules are made to be broken.

While we're on the subject, if anyone rather we did away with assigned days altogether, don’t hesitate to comment.


Rebecca Leigh said...

I like the assigned days. The more members we get the easier it is to keep up with posts!

D L Jackson said...

Ditto that. I theived the idea from the Brigaders. It seems to be working for them and the larger we get, the better organized the blog will be if everyone isn't posting on the same day.

Of course we'll break those rules from time to time. It's a given--we're writers, that's what we do.