Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 30th is Blogmania!

Less than one week till Blogmania! I'm excited! My blog at will be one of more than 100 participating that day.

If you want to have the most fun and scoop up as much loot as possible, here are a few Early Bird Reminders to help you do just that.

1. Be at any of the blogs participating in the Blogmania Event as early as possible on April 30th. The easiest way to find a Blogmania Blog is to look for the Blogmania Badge.

2. This is an international event, so understand that there will be some differences in time zones. My advice is to start early and stay late to catch all the blogs.

3. Each blog will have their own giveaway requirements. Read them carefully, follow through, and then move on as quickly as possible. If you run across a blog that you really like and want to spend some time exploring, copy their URL and then visit them after Blogmania is over.

4. Blogmania will have a 100+ blogs for you to visit. Each one will post their number like this. ( This is blog 47 of 100) This is to help you keep track of which blogs you’ve visited, and which ones you still need to reach. You may want to prepare a blog sheet numbered from 1 – 120, then mark off each numbered blog as you visit.

5. All blog links provided will also have a number like (Blog 89 of 100). Look for the blogs that you haven’t yet visited and follow those links until you’ve checked off all the blogs on your sheet.

6. We have all types of blogs participating in Blogmania, which means that the range of items in their giveaways are diverse. I have previewed many and they are awesome.

Here are the goodies I'll be offering to a random commenter on April 30 for Blogmania - one print copy each of One Soul for Sale and Picture This!

Also, I'll include a bracelet handmade by me, and a beaded book thong! Click on either photo for a closeup view.

Don't forget to blog hop the Blogmania sites on April 30. More than 100 authors and artisans are participating with some very cool offerings, so it's well worth visiting their blogs! You can check out other offerings on the Blogmania Facebook fan page.

Cate Masters writes fantasy/dark fantasy, historical, contemporary and speculative fiction, described by reviewers as “so compelling, I did not want to put it down,” “such romantic tales that really touch your soul,” “filled with action scenes which made it a riveting story,” and “the author weaves a great tale with a creative way of using words that makes the story refreshing to read.” Visit Cate online at, or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.


Arlene said...

It's gonna be alot of fun, and a great way to get to know so many creative people. Thanks for clueing us in, Cate. I'm looking forward to this, and we'll be sure to get paranormal involved next time. Appreciate the tips to make the most of it.

Cate Masters said...

A group offering from Paranormalists members would be very cool! It's a great way to get the blog noticed by a wide range of readers, not just other authors.

Arlene said...

And what a cool blog we have to share with those readers. Top and bottom, both sweet banners are thanks to Cate.

Lanna Kaye said...

As blogging is a fairly new thing for me (about a month in), I'm really excited about things such as this.

Thanks for the heads up and I look forward to the 30th!

Rebecca Leigh said...

Thanks for letting us know about blogmania -- what a fun idea! Hope you get a lot of visitors!!