Wednesday, May 29, 2013


                                OLDER WOMEN HAVE FUN, TOO.    


You know authors; we older women have fun, too. Not just the thirty-something, just got over a bad relationship type of woman. Oh, you know the ones who happen to look gorgeous, most likely in peril, and who meets a hunk who comes to her aid.

Yeesh. Demographics, shemographics. Target audience, shmarget audience.


      Ahem, back to the point. As I was saying, we like a good romp in the hay. For you young ones that means, well, guess-- can’t leave out that buyer’s audience. Try to keep up with us, kids.

We like adventure. You should see me drag race my friends down the boulevard. No, not in wheelchairs, you smart alecks. See my car?

We’re not all married you know. Some of us are widows, divorcées, or some of us just plain haven’t met the right guy yet. Yep, we’re out here. Don’t you dare call us spinsters! I’ll smack you upside the head. We do still have choices, you know. Well, a few anyway.
For instance, there is this neighbor that ogles me from across the street when he waters his lawn.
So what if his chest has dropped a little and his teeth click when he talks. He’s a very interesting man who saved my sanity when I got arrested driving for having just a few too many with my friends.

  I mean that stop sign jumped right out into the middle of the street.  I swear.  
Now that’s a knight in shining armor.

Think about it. See, older woman in peril. Hunk comes to the rescue. He did bail me out. Write about that, why don’t you?

So, kiddies, don’t forget, we’re not all cardboard characters, dotty parents of the young and the beautiful, or matronly nurses working in hospitals. Give us a chance to star, to find love, to have a bit of adventure—if our hearts can handle it--even if our hero has to take that dysfunction pill. We are still human, after all.

While we’re on the subject, I think this is a good time to introduce my character, Winnie Krapski, my senior citizen and star of my continuing short story series the COD Club. (Call on the Dead)

And as readers have told me, “She is a hoot.”

I have two out from BookToGoNow. A third will be released soon and more to follow. The first two stories are in the #1 download. Isn’t that great?

And just for you, two commenter’s names will be picked out of a fedora to receive a free PDF (that you can convert to your E-reader) so, let’s get with the comments.

Oh, I guess I should tell you a bit about Winnie and show you the covers. Excuse the memory lapse.
Book one and two in this download.


Come and meet Winnie Krapski who hugged a cherry tree during a lightning storm. The bolt slammed her, splitting the tree in half. The near-death experience bestowed her with a gift–one she’d rather not have.
Drafted into the C.O.D. Club (Call on the Dead) by Fat Phil Phillips, her mission is to grant the newly deceased’s ghost one last reasonable request. Can Winnie honor her oath?

Well, she tries. But, not before she stumbles into situations that almost get her killed. She’s one spunky broad. Follow her adventures in the COD Club series.

Also available on Barnes and Nobles and Kobo.
Secrets abound. Bullets fly. Yep, it’s Winnie granting a dead person’s last request.

 Mr. and Mrs. Bickerson are in a fatal highway accident. Both Phil and Winnie work their last requests. Strange that the dead couple want their requests kept secret from one another. Why? What are they hiding?

Winnie works the request and ends up in more danger than she can handle.

Yep, Winnie is in deep poo again.

Not to worry, the next adventure will be released soon.

For more info about Lorrie, visit her website at
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Penny's Tales said...

As always Lorrie - great post. This is from a 60 year old broad that like to go 4-wheeling, exploring, and also likes the occasional romp in the hay LOL


Sharon Kleve said...

I agree Lorrie, As always your posts are great and entertaining... Good job!

Lorrie Struiff said...

Ha, ha, thanks for stopping by ladies. Did I tell you I like motorcycles? Wheeee!

chris karlsen said...

Hi Lorrie,
Well said!!
Chris K.

Marva Dasef said...

Waving AARP card here. We should all have the verve and spunk of Winnie. Maybe she's a tad behind the times technologically, but she always comes up with a solution.

SAY - Sian Alexis Young said...

Oooo Minnie sounds like so much fun to read!! ^_^
People seem to think that once you become old your life is over and stops!
But, apparently Minnie's life did not end, it got better and more exciting!! ^_^

Lorrie Struiff said...

Hi Chris, *waves*
Yep, Marva, Winnie steps in it all the time but manages to come out, well, fairly clean. lol.
Hi Sian, glad you made it over. Winnie does lead an exciting life, if somewhat sticky at times. So nice of you to comment.

Maryann Miller said...

Fun post that I found even more interesting as I have been exploring love in the geriatric lane of late in some of my stories. I think when my father married for the third time at age 80, it made me stop and realize that getting older does not mean getting over sex. LOL

maria altobelli said...

Fun post, Lorrie, and fun comments as well. Don't have an AARP card but do own an INSEN card that Mexico gives to its old farts so they can get the half-price old fart discount on long-distance buses. They hand these puppies out at age 62 which I think is most generous of them. So the secret is to keep moving and get it while you can.

And we all know young people who are plan bor-ing. Mainly because they are so bored themselves.

No one handed out fun genes at birth. That's up to us.

And if it ain't fun, it ain't worth doing. Well, housework ain't fun, but every rule has it's exceptions.

Lorrie Struiff said...

God Bless your father, Maryanne. That is so wonderful. See, we oldies still know how to set sparks flying. Oh, I have to read your stories about romance for the AARP members. Glad you're with us on this subject.

Hey, in Mexico, that is generous of them, Maria. Think of all the trips you can take, and I know you love, love, love to travel. So kick up your heels, gal. Have fun.

Darla said...

Love your sarcasm here. I laughed so hard when you said you race down the boulevard and not in a wheelchair. LOL

I've read all the Winnie's-even the upcoming, Lucky Me!!! :) And she is a hoot! I hope I'm this much fun when I get my AARP card. I think I can go without the life and death situations she gets herself into though.

Congrats on a great series, Lorrie!!

Lorrie Struiff said...

Oh thanks, Darla. I have news for you. You're a lot of fun now. Heaven help us when you get that coveted AARP card.

J Q Rose said...

Cackling, laughing, guffawing, and agreeing with all your thoughts here. Giggling and wiping my eyes. I agree Winnie is a winner and so are YOU! Thanks for the fun post. Keep the stories coming and the laughs echoing through the pages...

Lorrie Struiff said...

Lol. Hi JQ, yep, it's time for some hot romance between the older set. Yeesh, already.
I'm glad you enjoyed the sentiment here.

lo said...

Great comments, Lorrie. Thanks.

Leona~Author said...

Hi Lorrie, I loved your very humorous, but oh so true, post. As one of the older generation who zips about in a wheelchair, I had my laugh for the day.

Most days, I don't feel my age. Writing is a wonderful outlet, but, yea, sometimes we need more.

Great post, Lorrie.

Lorrie Struiff said...

Hi, Lo, thanks for stopping by.

Hey, hey,Leona. I'm thrilled I made you laugh. My head tells me I'm young, then I have to go and look in the mirror. What a let-down. lol. TG for writing.