Sunday, August 12, 2012

Audio in Space!

My m/m space fantasy ONE WAY TRIP is now available as an audio!

Captain Jay Marcos is on a mission to Mars as part of an international endeavor to find a planet suitable for terraforming.
With governmental support waning, however, Captain Marcoss trip becomes one way.  Once he lands on Mars, Jay doesnt find a new home for humans.  But he finds one for himself.
On Mars, Jay meets Raem, leader of the indigenous Rahitians.  Raem welcomes Jay to his world and into his bed.  Together, they share a cosmic sexual encounter like none ever experienced between a human and an alien.  More than just hot, steamy sex  Jay and Raem find love.

It's interesting to hear your characters with voices that aren't the ones in your head!  Check it out here.