Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Sunday,Paranormal Enlistees

Okay, I'm looking for some brave bloggers that would be willing to help me manage this blog. This blog is evolving and there's so much more we could do with it, to make it all it can be.

So...  That being said, I'm looking for volunteers.

Officer Commisions up for grabs:

Operations officers--Two positions. We need bloggers who would like to help put special promo events together--this includes events like tagging parties or setting up holiday bashes and scavenger hunts, Publisher weeks where we spotlight different publishers. If you love to throw parties, put together promos--this might just be your thing and you will have the flexibility to reserve up to a full week for special events. This can be anything from live updates from conferences, from a contact in the field--or a simple one day tag party.

Recruiter--I need a volunteer that would be willing to respond to requests to join--we have 56 spots left and multiple requests in the queue for new members. You simply send them an invite when you get an email and anwser any questions they have about the blog--posting, etc.

Art/Marketing officer--update new covers and create buttons and badges for special events.

Link swap specialist--your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go out and link swap with other sites, seeking other bloggers willing to post our links on their sites in exchange for us setting up a link to the their blog here. This can be anything paranormal related--from ghost-hunters, to pychics, to authors, artists, and even gamers who have blogs. This is about building a bigger community and reaching out to paranormal readers, wherever they may be.

Please email me at dlareejackson1 at gmail dot com, if you are interested.

Thanks for your help,

D L Jackson


Cate Masters said...

It'll be exciting to see the Paranormalists grow even bigger and better! Thanks Dawn.

Rebecca Leigh said...

I wish I could help :) I can't wait to see what's in store!

JKA said...

I'm swamped with my own marketing efforts at the moment, but I might be available in a few months! I'll keep checking back. Love your ideas.