Friday, May 6, 2011

Wicked Good: Angels and demons antho released!

Hi everyone! I have been a little absent for a while (I blame Real Life!) but now I am back and have a release - today, Wicked Good: A M/M Angels and Demons Anthology of Ravenous Romance was released, edited by EM Lynley, containing my short story "Suriel's Sword". I am very happy and excited. I really wanted to be part of this anthology - let's be honest, who doesn't love the topic of angels and demons? Cool demon boys in leather jackets, hot angel babes in cuirasses with their long swords... *sigh*

So what's the story about? - Suriel, a warrior angel, is sent on a mission to retrieve a dangerous crystal that has the power to corrupt the dead into Hell’s undead minions. His partner is the demon Arioch, whom Suriel finds himself irresistibly drawn to. The angel fights the temptation, but cannot help but surrender to his desire. Discovered by the heavenly host, Suriel is branded as a sinner, and told that if he gives in to temptation again, he will be banished from Paradise. Suriel must choose whether to remain in Heaven and lead the only life he knows, or follow his heart and go to Arioch.

Buy the anthology here!


Barbara Elsborg said...

I like that cover, Jay. Congrats on the release!!

Rebecca Leigh said...

Congrats on the anthology release -- looks great!

Angel Martinez said...

Looks like a fun collection, Jay! And I know EM puts together some nice anthos.