Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hot New Review!

My m/m vampire short story from Breathless Press has gotten a fabulous review from Whipped Cream Reviews!

Tiger Lily says: "Whew! Talk about hot stories. This one really sizzles from page one. Rebecca Leigh has written a short story that’s guaranteed to scorch the screen."  She goes on to say: "If you want a hot book that’s guaranteed to fog the windows right before bed, this book hits the mark. It’s quick, fun, and sexy. Read Room Number Twelve. You’ll want to book your room there with the cowboy of your choice—I guarantee it."

To read the entire review, visit the Whipped Cream Blog here.

To see what other readers think about ROOM NUMBER TWELVE, go to Goodreads here.

Mahalo to Whipped Cream and to Tiger Lily!


Marie Dees said...

Congrats on the great review. M/M vampires are hot!

Rebecca Leigh said...

Thank you Marie!