Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Member Waving Hello!

Hello, lovers of all things dark and strange, magic and, well...paranormal.

I'm Angel Martinez and I write erotic fiction, mostly M/M, though I've been known to throw down the occasional hetero short story, and mostly Urban Fantasy of one stripe or another. Elves, vampires, ghosts, demons, and all the other non-human or once-human inhabitants of our universe have been my companions since childhood.

What can I say? I'm a believer.

A few years ago, I took a particular interest in that enigmatic Irish spirit, the pooka. (Not sure what a pooka is? I just happen to have an article on it - What the Heck's a Pooka Anyway?
) This research gave birth to a particular pooka, a handsome, devil-may-care, smartass of a pooka, Finn. He has been my faithful companion since I first wrote about him in 2008.

His eponymous novel, Finn, its holiday short story follow-up, Finn's Christmas, and the new (released last month!) full length sequel, Diego are currently carried by Red Rose:

Finn: Endangered Fae #1
A mysterious stranger on the rail of the Brooklyn Bridge...
The heartsick novelist whose life is falling to pieces...
Sanity is relative and the world has room for more than one truth.

Finn's Christmas: EF #1.5
Who but humans would hold celebrations during the dark months when it's time to sleep? Finn navigates the oddities of the season and desperately searches for the inspiration he needs.

Diego: EF #2

A fit of jealous rage hurls Diego and Finn through the supposedly impenetrable Veil into the Otherworld. Power struggles, dying fae, Diego and Finn caught in the middle - it can't get any worse, can it? Oh, wait, the U.S. government's about to get involved...

And coming late in November from Amber Allure - my M/M vampire novel, A Different Breed

I asked my son, who is an unabashed Twilight despiser, if he would still speak to me if I wrote a vampire story. He said, "Of course you can write a vampire story. Just make sure it's good. And no glitter."

I promise, there's lots of action and heated tension...but no glitter.


Arlene said...

Welcome, Angel. I love the cover for Finn. All are great, but that one's really striking. Thank you for introducing yourself and pookas, and most of all for adding to my list of people I'm anxious to get to know better by reading, reading and more reading. Finn, Diego are two inhuman guys I must learn all about.

Cate Masters said...

Congrats Angel! I actually knew about pookas from Emma Bull's War for the Oaks. Sounds like a fun character! I love your covers too.

Melisse Aires said...

Congratulations, Angel. And I love your website--dark but warm!

Jay Di Meo said...

Welcome, Angel! So wonderful to see you here! Guys, go get these books, they are simply great - well researched, magical, moving, and hot! :-)

Rebecca Leigh said...

Welcome Angel -- sounds like you'll fit right in :) All believers here!! Your stories sounds great and those covers -- very nice!!

Angel Martinez said...

Thank you, everyone for the warm welcome! The covers for Finn and Diego are both Missy Lyons designs - she's always so patient with me and works miracles :)

Hi, Jay! (thanks for nudging me this way!)