Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trial Run: Past Contests

To show an example of how the standings system works, here are the contest placings from the Where the Magic Begins contest.  We'll include those who placed in the Finals Standings and Point Standings, too, as examples. 

This contest had two Paranrmal categories, so the finalist of both would be eligible if the contest were underway.

Where the Magic Begins Contest Placings

Dark Paranormal
1 - The Reluctant Amazon by Sandy James
2 - Vampire Vacation by C.J. Ellisson
3 - Soetha's Wife by Merry Simmons

Light Paranormal

1 - Oversea by Beatriz Chantrill Williams
2 - Hand Picked by Lisa Wells
3 - Tuesday's Child by Dale Mayer
HM - Jinn & Tonic by Kay Hudson
Congratulations to the finalists and placers!
(If these placings occured after our March 25 kick-off date, these would count toward the actual contest.  We've tallied these on the Score Sheet page.  All results will be wiped clean when the contest launches on March 25th.)