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Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse is Possible - Here is Your Strategy with Natalie Zeigler #YAFantasy

Surviving a zombie apocalypse is possible. The key to survival is preparedness, communication, resources, and goodwill. If a zombie apocalypse is happening right now as you read this post—no, you’re not reading it because you’re dead.

Physical Preparation 

I have limited knowledge regarding the science of zombies. However, if we consider “zombies” as the undead or walking dead, a zombie roaming for more than a few days has probably experienced muscle decomposition. So, it’s essential to work on yours. You need to be able to outrun and fight a zombie should the need arise. So, get in your cardiovascular exercise and strength training—and start now. Training for a 5k is much less enjoyable with the undead roaming around. Some self-defense classes wouldn’t hurt either.

Mental Preparation

During a zombie apocalypse, it’s imperative to stay calm. When you’re hiding from a zombie, you don’t want your leg twitching or your breath beleaguered. The stress that comes with a zombie apocalypse could also affect your health. I recommend getting into meditation and finding activities that help you manage your stress (without putting you at risk of a zombie attack).


A common problem during a zombie apocalypse is not having a way to communicate with your family, friends, or emergency services…because you left your phone on 5% battery, and now you’re running for your life and don’t have time to charge it. Rookie mistake.

Plan ahead. Pick an emergency meeting place ahead of time if you cannot use your phone. If you were smart enough to keep your phone charged, use text messaging or social media (like Twitter – follow me @NerdyNatWrites) so you can communicate and share the news.

Managing Your Resources

Have supplies ready—flashlight, water, shelf-stable food, crank or battery-powered radio, two-way radios, first aid kit, extra cash, medications, sleeping bags, change of clothes, personal items, and a flashlight (and lots of extra batteries). Fill your gas tank (or charge your EV car) and make sure you have a map (and can read a map).

Be prepared to shelter in place for quite some time and plan accordingly. Do you think you have enough supplies? You don’t. Double it.


Don’t be stingy or selfish. If someone (living; bite-free) arrives on your doorstep and needs help or shelter, help them out. It’s the right thing to do—and in your best interest. They could be the next zombie groaning at your front door if you leave them out there. Or you could be leaving the person who could help you in the future out in the cold.


Eventually, a zombie apocalypse will come to an end. Maybe some brilliant scientist (or likely a team) will find a cure, the military will intervene, or the zombies themselves decompose beyond being a credible threat. You'll be alive if you’ve prepared well and made good decisions. If you haven’t…

What are you waiting for? Prepare your strategy.

~Natalie Zeigler

Book One
Natalie Zeigler

Genre: YA Fantasy 
Publisher: Black Glory Publishing House
Date of Publication:  January 3, 2023
ISBN: 978-1-7356641-4-9
Number of pages: 294 
Word Count: 97,833
Character Art by Diletta De Santis 
Cover Design by Lesley Worrell

Tagline: In a kingdom terrified of magic, the Chieftain’s daughter must face her growing power…

Book Description: 

Mäzzikim (Maze) is the youngest daughter of a powerful chieftain, but beneath her obedient façade she’s haunted by disturbing necromantic visions—a rare power bestowed by the gods. With her ruling father vowing to destroy magic in all its forms, Maze languishes under the weight of her heavy secret.

But as her power grows, Maze’s ability to speak to the dead draws her closer to the truth behind the realm’s mysterious past. Struggling to find the truth while navigating volatile family tensions and clan politics, Maze has no idea that an evil threat lurks where she least expects it.
Maze’s gift could prove to be the salvation of her people, or the ultimate proof that magic corrupts everything it touches. Either way, the destiny she faces will change her and the realm, forever.
Haunted is book one of a gripping YA fantasy series of the same name.

About the Author: 

Natalie Zeigler studied journalism and English literature at Loyola University Maryland and health communications at American University. By day, she is a communications director at a federal agency. By night, she is an author of YA
fantasy series. She lives near Washington, D.C., with her husband and two children, which whom she enjoys epic dance parties.

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